Sunday, July 10, 2016

Brad Dracus Rallies the Pro-Freedom Troops to STOP SB 1146

The Pacific Justice Institute needs to know that more people on the ground are working hard throughout the state of California to stop the Tyranny.

To stop the hate.

State Senator Ricardo Lara is foisting his self-serving bitterness on the entire state of California.

More people are waking up.

The churches and charities, along with the Christian colleges and growing Christian communities have had  more than their fill of the bigotry, hatred, and brazen rejection of biology and social science coming out of the state legislature.

Enough is enough!

Here is the latest press release from Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute to stop Senate Bill 1146: 

New Steps to Save Christian Colleges in California
July 6, 2016

Dear Friends,

I need to update you on the latest developments in the battle to stop SB 1146, the bill attempting to prohibit Christian colleges and universities from living out their faith.  I also need to share with you an important new strategy that will take our efforts to the next level.

It is very frustrating that this bill is still advancing in the state legislature.

The people of the state of California still have the time and the power to stop this irreligious monstrosity.

First, an update:  last Thursday, three members of our legal team went to the State Capitol to voice opposition to SB 1146.  Despite another strong turnout from citizens in opposition, the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted the bill through on a largely party-line vote—though some members did not even vote!

Members of the California MassResistance team also attended the hearing to speak out against SB 1146.

Just before the hearing, our team stormed Ricardo Lara's office and demanded that he pull the bill. Based on the latest analysis, Lara has significantly altered the legislation, but the revisions do not go far enough.

SB 1146 should be tossed out entirely.

The Legislature is now on break for approximately the next month.  When they return, SB 1146 has another hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  We need to take advantage of the crucial month ahead to double our efforts and impact to stop this breathtaking attempt to seize the reins of our religious institutions.

Our next target is this committee. We are calling all the members of this committee to reject this terrible bill.

Your phone calls have been terrific!  But it’s clear we need to adapt our strategy based on what we’ve been hearing.  One of the things we’ve heard from Capitol insiders is that Legislators are paying the most attention to calls from their own district, and much less to callers from other parts of the state or nation.     

Exactly. That is why are stepping up our efforts, going into the districts of each of the members. All of these candidates are up for re-election, and we are reaching out to their challengers to ensure that they know what is going on.

Challengers are already using SB 1146 to their own advantage to put pressure on the incumbent assemblymembers.

We’ve also realized that phone calls are not enough.  We need citizens—and especially those who will be the most impacted or have influence in their communities—to request personal meetings with their Assembly members while they are back in their home districts.  These politicians need to meet families who have benefited from Christian education, and families who will be directly harmed if they approve this bill.  It’s quite possible they will refuse to meet with you.  But we absolutely must make this effort.  If you are able to schedule a meeting with your Assembly member, we can help with pointers. 

We scheduled a meeting with Ricardo Lara's staff on June 29th, and yet the staff refused to show up.

Yes, the legislators are cowards, but they need to know that they are our servants, not our masters.

Here, in short order, are the steps we need to take:

1.            If you don’t know who represents you in the Assembly, find out at:

Believe me, we are informing everyone who is paying attention to contact their legislators, and helping them to know whom to contact.

2.            If you already know who represents you in the Assembly but need their phone numbers, the full Assembly membership is listed at  

During July, we recommend calling your local, district office numbers.

Good points!

3.            Politely voice your opposition to SB 1146, let them know you live in their district, ask what your Assembly member is doing to stop this outrageous attack on religious institutions, and request a meeting with them to explain the impacts of this bill.    


4.            Forward this e-mail to your family and friends. 


5.            Express your opposition to SB 1146 via social media to raise awareness.
Many Californians still have no idea that the Legislature is carrying out the most brazen attack we have ever seen to force religious institutions to adhere to government propaganda.  Many legislators are appallingly unfamiliar with the colleges they are seeking to coerce.  During this month of July, let’s change that! 

This is a watershed moment in California, and it deserves our utmost energy and resource.  If the State can get its hands on our religious colleges and universities, you can be assured that our Christian K-12 schools will be next.   

Running the Race, 

Brad Dacus, Esq.

Founder and President, Pacific Justice Institute

Let's make this happen!

Contact your legislators.

Tell them to vote NO on SB 1146!

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