Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Comments to Huntington Park City Council -- June 21, 2016

Good Evening Huntington Park City Council.            
My name is Arthur Schaper, life-long citizen and proud member of We the People Rising.
Some vocal yet infamous critics in Huntington Park claim that I should mind my own business and attend city council meetings in my home city, Torrance California.

I have, and I have learned so much that I wish to share with the audience and this city.

In Torrance, we have a ruthless group of predators.

They are roaming in our parks. They are attacking trash cans.

They attack our loved ones, and in some instances of killed those whom we care about. One witness frighteningly claimed that the head and body of one beloved member of the family was torn apart.
Theyremain unmoved when threatened with hazing, entrapment, or even lethal force.

Activists from around Southern California descended up on our city council, telling our elected officials that we should pity these monsters. Some of the critics contended that we should welcome the presence of these monsters because they get rid of other pests and vermin in our community.
Of course, I am talking about the alarm rates of coyote sightings in the city of Torrance.

There are other more vicious coyotes along our borders, which subject unsuspecting men, women, and children to intolerable conditions, even slavery and death.

Then I began to realize … the four corruptitos on this city council resemble those ravenous canines in so many ways.

Ortiz, Sanabria, Macias, and Pineda. All of you are wild animals with no regard for your surroundings. You are not native mammals to this region, by migrated here, from who knows where.
You dig into the more sordid elements of this city, with your leaders of the Pack John Noguez, Efren Martinez, and Mario Beltran.

You have ripped apart the welcome fabric of this city, and have harmed many loved ones.
Instead of caring for friends, neighbors, and business interests, you have pandered to the lowest elements, welcoming marijuana dispensaries into the city, despite massive disapproval. Your use and abuse of this public trust has included granting lucrative contracts to your friends and political cronies.

Instead of securing the citizens and respecting the rule of law, you have hastened the wild lawlessness overwhelming this city.

The city of Torrance voted to expand entrapment features, along with an education initiative to all Torrance residents: don’t feed the coyotes, make yourself larger than they are, use loud noises to scare them off, and when necessary, set traps for them to catch and remove them permanently.
We will be reaching out to more residents in this city so that they start removing the two-legged coyotes inflicting so much harm on this city.

Thank you.

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