Wednesday, July 20, 2016

California MassResistance Goes to David Hadley's Office

California MassResistance is not sitting back and waiting for something to happen.

We are standing up to the anti-liberty, anti-biology, anti-truth agenda attacking our schools, our businesses, and our daily lives.

On Friday, June 15th, members of CA MassR attended a scheduled meeting with the staff of Assemblyman David Hadley (R-Torrance).

I had called the staff three days before, and right away they scheduled our appointment for 4:30.

For the record, most assemblymembers tend to push off or delay appointments, so this was a welcome development for us.

Here is the first video of our meeting.

Members of the South Bay's Christian community arrived, and shared their concerns.

Martha and Rany Schetter, along with Evan Chase and Tracy Hopkins came, and Janet West of We the People Rising.

The staff were waiting for us. I had said that five would be coming. It was good that another person had come, too.

Sarah Wiltfong, the district director, met with us and took notes.

Here is the second video of our meeting with Hadley's staff about SB 1146.

Here's the third video. (We discussed another bill, too)

We all shared our growing concerns about the deepening encroachments against individual liberties,

Evan pointed out that SB 1146, the "Kill Christian Colleges" bill, was essentially targeting one set of universities. There are other private schools in the state of California, too. What about Muslim or Jewish schools? Would they be forced to cave to the demands of Ricardo Lara's socialist bigotry with SB 1146.

Evan reminded the rest of the group that he knows pastors throughout the South Bay.

I have contacted them myself.

Everyone who cares about freedom of speech, religion, and conscience must stand up and shout "NO!" to SB 1146. This legislation is the epitome of encroachment of the state.

As is the expanding custom of California MassResistance, I did not shy away from challenging the LBGT orthodoxy head on.

It's not an identity.

It's a behavior.

It's not a natural right.

This is some kind of entitlement created out of aggravated victimhood.

Why does a selected small percentage of the country get to impose its behavioral dictates on everyone else?

This is wrong!

We discussed the need to stand up to this tyranny.

Sarah told us that Hadley has not made up his mind about this legislation because there are so many other bills that he has to read.

He should be making a decision about  this bill soon. He should not sit on the fence about this issue. He did send me a letter informing me his opposition to forcing speech.

But we need a "No!" vote, and California MassResistance won't rest until SB 1146 dies.

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