Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where Were the Second Amendment Advocates at Aunt Janice's Sit-In?

Congresswoman Janice Hahn is running.

She runs for office.

Run, Janice, Run.

Fundraise, Janice, Fundraise!

She runs away from one set of responsibilities to another.

She runs her mouth off to sound as if she cares.

She runs to the cameras.

She runs for the spotlight.

Run, Janice, Run!

She runs away from constituents who have serious questions about issues facing this country.

She decided to run a sit-in at the Port of Los Angeles High School.

See Janice Fundraise.

Fundraise, Janice, fundraise.

The whole gun-control sit-in was a media, publicity, upstart fraud.

Shameful from beginning to end.

Congressman Tom McClintock blasted the House minority for wasting time and money, as well as silencing the representatives from all over the country.

That was wrong. Shame on the gun-grabbing Democrats.

All of them.

One more reflection comes to mind about the gun-control sit-in that wasn't.

Where were the advocates for the Second Amendment?

Where were the representatives from the National Rifle Association, or from other firearms community groups?

One NRA representative told me that they usually do not attend such events because the media spins their appearance and makes them look bad.

You know what? The left-wing press is going to any lengths to report information friendly to its regressive interests.

It's time to confront and exploit the media, force them to cover the truth, or at least to hear our side, even if they do not want to.

I attend the gun-control sitzkrieg, and I made it on the news. So did another Second Amendment advocate. We made a difference.

People all over the region contacted me that they saw me speak.

The firearms communities which want to defend the Second Amendment should not be gun-shy about attending those events.

How else do Second Amendment supporters intend to change minds, if they won't meet with them?

Conservatives need to reach out to communities where people have not heard the message or seen the principles work in their favor.

Let's go out there and  make our case with all guns blazing!

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