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ICYMI: Congressman McClintock Slammed Lawless House Democrats Over Gun Control Sit-In

I have great respect for Congressman Tom McClintock (R-El Dorado Hills)

He is a gold star representative in a sea of dirt, fluff, and cowardice.

Despite what people say about California, the land of fruits and nuts, we have good people still fighting for our rights, and for what is right.

He has stood up for conservative principles, even when it seemed that those directives were not popular. He will not cave, bend, or weave toward tax increases, even when other Republicans give in.

He represented a well-known enclave along the Ventura County/Santa Barbara border for a decade.

After he was termed out, he decided to run for Congress, in Northern California, since his children had been raised in the Sacramento/Elk Grove region for the greater part of their lives.

Today, he represents a diligent conservative area in Califonia, a red state within blue California.

Perhaps he can run for Governor again--for the State of Jefferson ...

He ran for Governor of California in 2003. He exhorted all voters to vote their conscience. I did, and I am glad that he was my first choice.

Rep, Tom McClintock slams the Democrats' illegal gun control sit-in

He fought against illegal immigration, over-taxation, the destruction of marriage and family.

I encourage him to keep up the fight.

He also stands for the rule of law, something which the Democrats treat as negligible and arbitrary.

On June 22nd, 2016 the Democratic minority, like the petulant, unruly children that they are, took over the house floor, stopped all debate with an unjust, undemocratic sit-in.

The only Congressman to shame them for these outrageous antics was ... Tom McClintock.

House Rules, Or Rules for Radicals?
Congressman Tom McClintock
House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.
July 5, 2016

Mr. Speaker:

    On the afternoon of June 22nd, a large number of Democrats brought the deliberations of the House of Representatives to a standstill in one of the most disgraceful and childish breaches of decorum in the history of this institution.  In complete contempt of this House and the rule of law, they shouted down all with whom they disagreed, they blocked access to the microphones as members sought to address the chair, and they illegally occupied the Hall of the House – forcing an early adjournment and costing this House three full days of legislative deliberations.

Thankfully, there are still some Democrats who have not completely lost their minds. These remaining Democrats in swing districts recognize that they cannot stomp on the Second Amendment and hope to keep their jobs during the next election.

    Abraham Lincoln said it best, “There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law.”  What we saw was the mob law of Occupy Wall Street brought to the House Floor.  

Indeed. The radicalization of our political process is wreaking untold harm

    They are seeking to use the recent terrorist attacks as justification for making it harder for law-abiding Americans to defend themselves.  A strange logic, but so be it.  They certainly have a right to their opinions, a right to express those opinions on the House floor, and a right to use all of the procedures of the House to act on their opinions.  What they do not have is the right to prevent those with different views from exercising the same rights.  Yet that’s precisely what they did. 

McClintock recognized their right to be wrong. He also criticized their wrong to take away the rights of other House members to conduct business on the House floor.

    These Democratic members have many procedures and opportunities to bring their bills to the House for a vote.  They could have executed a discharge petition to bring their bill immediately to the floor.  They could have moved to have their bill inserted into any bill pending on the House Floor – a common motion that we routinely hear and vote upon several times a week.   

A reminder: Congressman Mark Meadows filed a discharge petition to have Speaker John Boehner removed from his Speakership. It worked without having to gather the necessary number of signatures then. What were the Democrats really afraid of?

The fact is, their proposals were considered in the Senate and voted down.  Their proposals were considered in a House Committee and voted down.  Their discharge petition is pending at this desk right now, awaiting enough signatures to execute it. 

The truth is hard for Democrats. The American people have rejected their abortive, anti-freedom ideologies. The Second Amendment has become a more protected right, and firearms more sought-after than ever before. More states are now shall-issue on concealed carry permits, too.

    Their only problem is that they don’t have enough votes.  Well sorry, that’s called “democracy.” The majority of their colleagues simply disagree with them – for some very good reasons.

The illegal sit-in was all photo-op, nothing more

How ironic, that the Republican member of Congress is lecturing the "Democratic" party on democracy.

    Their rights were honored and protected by the Republican majority under the rule of law.  Yet they denied those same rights to others by replacing the rule of law with the rule of the mob -- and they did so on the most sacred ground of our democratic republic – the Hall of the House of Representatives.

Mob rule is utter lawlessness. Pure and simple. The Left is not interested in justice or equity. They are interested in their will, their way, or they will make you get out of their way.

    Instead of working within the time-honored rules of the House to convince the majority to their way of thinking, they decided to tear down the rules.  This was the lawless Left on full display and I hope the American people took a long hard look at it, and understand the threat to our democratic traditions and institutions that this conduct reveals.

They tore down the rules, and I imagine their numbers will be further torn down throughout the country. Democrats are getting decimated all over the country. The raw pursuit and abuse of power is putting them out of power. Even in more liberal states like Illinois and Massachusetts, Republican governors are shutting down the tax-and-spend frenzy like never before.

    In recent days, we have seen other Leftist mobs assembled under a foreign flag violently attack American citizens who were merely trying to exercise their right to peaceably assemble in support their candidate for President.  We have seen this administration attempt to criminalize political dissent, and use our government to intimidate people out of participating in our political process.  And now we have watched this lawless behavior imported onto the floor of the House of Representatives. 

Lawlessness, utter lawlessness has been on fully display, and it's time to stand up to it. It's time to demand that the radicals live by the rules that everyone else has to abide by, or rule them out of order.

    The House leadership decided not to confront this unprecedented spectacle as it unfolded, and I do not gainsay their decision here.  It was obvious the members involved were trying to provoke a physical confrontation. 

Shame on Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) for illegal sit-in.
Get off your butt and get to work!

But serious damage was done that day to our orderly process of government and it cannot go unchallenged.  Doing so would establish a dangerous and corrosive precedent antithetical to everything which this institution – and our country – stands for.

Shame on Speaker Paul Ryan for not rebuking the Democratic riff-raff for their unbecoming disorder. He needs to be removed, too, just like John Boehner was forced to step down last year.

    The Constitution provides that the House may sanction members for disorderly behavior, and the members responsible for the events of June 22nd and 23rd must be called to account for their actions.  If we fail to do so, we will have replaced the House Rules with “Rules for Radicals.”

We are waiting, Speaker Ryan. We are waiting for you to do your job and to demand the rule of law.

Of course, Ryan is more interested in following along with the interests of Big Business and their open-borders lobby.

Final Reflection

Political correctness and Alinsky-ite shame and blame has tried to overtake our public discourse. This is shameful. This is disgraceful. Instead of playing defense and going along with all of this perversity, Republicans, conservatives, Americans of all backgrounds need to stand up to the lies and demand their rights under the Constitution.

We do not need to make nice with ideological adversaries who are bent on pandering to illegal aliens, criminal refugees, and special interests getting rich while impoverishing everyone else.

Thank you, Congressman McClintock for standing up for all our rights!

All of them - and if you ever think about running for Governor again, count on me to vote for you!

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