Sunday, July 10, 2016

Macias Demoted Once Before--Demote Her AGAIN!!

All of this seems like ancient history, considering how fast everything is changing in Huntington Park.

During the 2015 local elections for city council, though, with numerous candidates and allegations of corrupt swirling incumbents, anything could have happened.

Former mayor Karina Macias was also a former Vice-Mayor.

Why? She was demoted by her colleagues, and Valentin Palos Amezquita, the only honest councilman on the current dais, was elected by his colleagues at the time to replace her.

The Los Angeles Wave reports:

Huntington Park council remove Macias as vice mayor

HUNTINGTON PARK — The City Council meeting Tuesday night started with about 90 minutes of complaints by residents about Vice Mayor Karina Macias, who was accused of alleged campaign violations for the upcoming March 3 election as well as her own election two years ago.

90 minutes! 90 MINUTES!

No wonder she signed off on the appointment of two illegal aliens to the city commissions.

She will do just about anything to distract the residents from her own corrupt, unethical practices.

It ended in about 10 minutes as the City Council approved a resolution authorizing a council reorganization up to two times a year, which was followed by Macias being removed from her vice mayor position.

In those days, the city council followed some forum of decorum.

The vote was 4-0 for the resolution, with Macias abstaining, and 4-0 to demote her.

The voters of Huntington Park need to demote her out of office in 2017!

She joined in the unanimous vote to move Councilman Valentine P. Amezquita, elected with Macias in 2013, into the vice mayor seat.

Interesting. She should have shown more magnanimity recently, too. Marilyn Sanabria is part of the some corrupt bunch.

Amezquita is in position to become mayor when the regular reorganization, mandated by state election law, takes place March 16.

He should have been the next mayor in 2015. Instead, Macias took the spot. The three colleagues whom she colluded with before the election helped her get elected mayor. Now it all makes sense.

But it will be a different council, with at least two and possibly three new members.

Mayor Rosa Perez is the only incumbent running for re-election and she faces nine other candidates. Council members Mario Gomez and Ofelia Hernandez are being termed out of office.

“To be on the council is an honor. To be vice mayor is a double honor,” Amezquita said. “I will work with my council colleagues and obey the state and city laws.”

Amezquita pledged to "obet state and city laws."

The four Corruptitos he has to contend with--Sanabria, Ortiz, Pineda, and Macias--have nothing buyt contempt for the rule of law. They do not honor anything but their next election to office. They are corrupt, bereft of any honor.

They all need to be removed, immediately.

That’s where Macias ran into trouble.

A number of residents contended that she broke state law by using the city seal without permission twice on a campaign flier promoting challengers Jhonny Pineda, Marilyn Sanabria and Graciela Ortiz.


Also on the ballot are former council members Elba Romo and Andy Molina, Huntington Park Chamber of Commerce director Leticia Martinez, Alex Reynoso, Rodolfo Cruz and David Sanchez.

After the audience comments, Macias came down to the speaker’s podium and said she believes she did nothing illegal and had consulted two attorneys about it.

Which attorneys? Glasman and company?

“You are throwing stones at a glass house. I have done nothing that [other council members] have not done. I have done nothing but speak my mind,” Macias said.

They are throwing stones at a glass house? Wow, her command of English idioms is astonishingly bad. The proper phrase goes: "He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones."

The other councilmembers did not misuse that city seal to advance their political careers.

She said she believes she had a right to privately support the three candidates and used the city seal only to identify herself.

The Crooked Huntington Park City Council

Heck no! She is all wrong.

But members of the audience alleged that she is supporting three newcomers to the city, called “carpetbaggers,” by resident Betty Retana.

Carpet-baggers indeed. The other three residents have no attachment to Huntington Park, one of many reasons why they appointed illegal aliens Julian Zatarain and Francisco Medina to two different commissions.

There are American citizens in Huntington Park who need work, who need to make a living. They could serve on those commissions, earn a living, and do good for their city.

Shame on the Huntington Park Corruptitos!

Retama also alleged fraud in Macias’s election in 2013, saying she signed a petition to support Macias, but that her name was forged as a petition circulator.

WOW! This issue needs to resurface.

She alleged that Sanabria circulated nomination petitions for Macias and did not live in the city at the time. Those circulating petitions must identify themselves on the petition and must live in the city under state election law.

Which is why some members of We the People Rising had nothing to do with the recall papers served in February. We do not live in the city.

Perez told City Attorney Isabel Birrueta and City Clerk Donna Schwartz to investigate. Birrueta said they would consult a handwriting specialist.

Is it possible to get that city attorney back?

Birrueta added that letters on the city seal issue have been sent to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office and the Fair Political Practices Commission, as directed by the council last week.

A number of Macias supporters in 2013 said they felt they were misled and betrayed by her.

WOW! Macias betrayed her own supporters, too!

“You stood here, banged your hand on the podium and yelled at the council to stop the corruption. Now you are on the other side,” said former Councilwoman Linda Luz Cavalle. “I believed in you but was manipulated by you and Marilyn ([Sanabria].”

Yes, Macias la Mentirosa!

“We don’t know which side you are on,” Cruz said. “We worked for you. You did not do the right thing.”

Did anyone really expect her to do anything right? Anything at all?!

“It is sad, it is horrible,” Yvonne Correa said. “You used a phony address. You have put the city in a bad light.”

“I collected money for you. You promised to help me, but you only worked to help yourself,” said Nick Ioanidis, who said the Macias campaign used his tailor shop address on Gage Avenue on some of their materials. “You should resign immediately. You are dangerous to Huntington Park and to the people,”

She is indeed dangerous. She is reckless left-wing ideologue who has do nothing but damage the already tarnished character of Huntington Park.

“Our city code says you can’t use a city seal without permission. You did it twice,” said Romo, who alleged she was the target of hit pieces by the Macias campaign.

“You claimed I voted for a water [rate] increase. I was not even on the council then,” Romo said.

It's a bad sign for any elected official when a reporter writes an article, which ends in damning criticism from a city resident.

Awful. Just terrible.

Look, Huntington Park Citizens.

Karina Macias is nothing but bad.

She is corrupt, she is bereft of any decency or honor.

She has routinely disavowed doing what is best for the city. Her colleagues already demoted her once when she misused the city seal and betrayed residents who promised to do the right thing for them.

Now you have a chance to do the right thing.

Demote Karina from Huntington Park City Council entire.

In March 2017, Fire Macias!

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