Saturday, July 9, 2016

Boycott In-Equality California Sponsors of SB 1146

Equality California is one of the main sponsors for the bigoted legislation SB 1146.

This bill is not interested in equality or equity.

It's a form of legislative bullying, with a main focus of driving pro-family forces out of power, into the closet, or out of the state of California completely.

The Boycott against Target Corporation created some real results.

Where else do these lawmakers get their money?

Who are the corporate perverts forcing people to give up their freedom of conscience and deny biology entirely?

Let's be clear: the LGBT agenda is not funded by a few disparate interests.

Corporations are funding this perverse attack on individual liberty.

Enough is enough!

Here are the sponsors of Equality California:

Why would any communications company invest any money in the destruction of life and family?!

They highlight their connections and support for the "LGBT Community", though. Apparently, this company was one of the first to end "discrimination" against employees based on their sexual orientation.

Honestly, the private decision which individuals embrace should remain privacy. The public imposition of the LGBT agenda on families, churches, and society as a whole must be confronted, however.
Gilead: Pharmaceutical company
Gilead specializes in fighting serious illnesses including ... HIV/AIDS, and other acute illnesses common among homosexuals.

No wonder they are funding Equality California: they make money off the disorderly lifestyle!

La Crema, a winery based in Windsor California, way up in Northern California.

Many industries are heavily liberal, or work with left-wing caucuses because the politics are so dominantly left-wing.

The company also thrives on "LGBT" tourism, too.

Pacific Gas and Electric!

A gas company, too?!

This company is based in Orange County, Costa Mesa, specifically.

It's time to give the legislators a call in this region, and demand some pressure on this company.

State Senator John Moorlach represents Costa Mesa, and has signaled his adamant opposition to SB 1146.

Are Orange County, CA ratepayers forced to subsidize the homosexual agenda in the state of California?

Marketing firm----
Prophet is a marketing consultant firm in ... San Francisco!

The focus on promoting brands and improving a patient's experience while receiving health care.

How many more people will have to die from illnesses related to same-sex conduct?

Will Prophet market for their hospice care?

Economists have suggested that the California housing market is going to fall through very soon, and San Francisco will feel the pinch first.

One wonders how the City will recover, once they absorb the complete consequences for their disastrous economic and cultural decisions.

There are plenty of other marketing firms in the state of California, many of which are pro-family, or at least pro-freedom.

Another energy company? What is it with these corporate interests? Why are they plugged into the LGBT agenda?

Here is an answer, from the Sempra Energy's Vice President, G. Joyce Rowland:

Rowland is president of the Equality California Institute and vice chair of the San Diego LGBT Community Center. She is a member of a number of professional groups, including the Society for Human Resource Management, World at Work and Anthem Blue Cross of California's consumer relations committee and is also an alumna of the “2001 American Issues Forum of LEADERSHIP AMERICA.”

What we have here is a distinct and corrosive collusion of business, government, and left-wing social activism.

Isn't Rowland's different roles a conflict of interest for her company and for the state of California?

Flying the "gay-friendly" skies? How would travelers feel knowing that their money for tickets is also going toward silencing Christian colleges and squelching Freedom of Speech?

Here's more information about their distorted outreach to the LGBT "community".

And finally:

This insurance firm sponsors a "Gay Friendly" award, too.

What is going on here?

Most corporations are expanding their "minority" outreach, which they have decided must including individuals who identity as homosexual.

Really, though, Californians should be increasingly alarmed that corporate sponsors are funding and enabling a subtle tyranny in the state of California, one which is dedicated to shutting down freedom of speech, press, as well as individual conscience.

It's time to expand the boycotting efforts against these companies.

They need to know that families, churches, and all men and women of conscience in the state of California will not stand for their funding and support for any agenda which threatens basic liberties and attacks the basic moral and biological foundations of our society.

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