Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's Boycott San Francisco

The City by the Bay has turned into a City of Pigs.

Leftist thugs with college degrees have ruined that town.

The police cannot -- or will not -- do their jobs.

Illegal aliens are treated like citizens, and the citizens get killed by the illegal aliens.

Corrupt Mayor Edwin Lee

The housing costs area beyond outrageous.

Who is going to pay $8,000 a month for a one bedroom shoebox?

Don't laugh when I suggest that people are living in boxes.

San Francisco professionals or anyone else who is trying to make a living in that town, resort to living in their cars or in boxes, or rental moving vans along streets.


The city pushed a $15 minimum wage hike. Welcome, automated cashiers!

Charter schools face nothing but wrath from the unions.

FBI agents can't afford to live there, they end up having to commute from ... Sacramento.

The city council is a nefarious busy-body into just about everything.

They have banned the sharing economy in many of its forms.

They want to ban travel to states where the lawmakers believe men and women should use separate bathrooms.

How much travel do San Francisco politicians make to other states or other cities?

This dirty city pursued community choice aggregation, which is not about community or choice and aggregates power to the few at the expense of the rest.

San Francisco has given birth to some of the worst politicians in recent memory.

Let's talk about

1. Nancy Pelosi

2. Dianne Feinstein

3. Barbara Boxer.

4. Kamala Harris (UGH! The Worst!)

Can we just let San Francisco secede and become its own country?!

This little dirt clod on a cue tip is a cancer eating up the entire state of California.

The tolls are too high.

Lowell High School, in much better days (100 years ago)

The winos have more rights and privileges than the wine-makers.

The city stinks, stinks, stinks. People defecate and fornicate on the streets in front of everyone and anyone.

Homeless camps, tents, anything that could be considered shelter take up the sidewalks.

Market Street is a market in name only, ans undemocratic socialism is the norm.

Lawyers make lots of money, though!

It's hard to make it if you are working class, or of a different ethicity. Blacks are getting priced out of San Francisco, and who knows about Hispanics--the ones living her legally, that is.

The celebrate the destruction of life and marriage.

The political class lives like kings and ueens (with emphasis on ueens)

The mayor and the chief of police are routinely under fire, and they cave to every Social Injustice Warrior imaginable.

If anyone wants to know what abject liberalism looks like, and its dire, destructive conseuences, look no further than San Francisco.

Dont' leave your heart there, or your wallet, or anything of value.

How about we leave the city in the middle of the ocean, and let is drift away?

Let's Boycott San Francisco

Who needs Ghiradelli chocolate? I don't care about Lombard street that much.

And who wants to live in Pacific Heights, anyway? The rent is too damn high, and the city is a misty, musty, crusty, chunti little dump where they throw their calenders out the window, along with anything left of their profits.

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