Friday, July 8, 2016

Why Kirk is Fighting for Veterans

U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is the most vulnerable incumbent this cycle.

He is stressing issues which will put him in a stronger light compared to his opponent, Tammy Duckworth, who is overcoming a bitter primary and taking advantage of a very divisive presidential nominee.

Duckworth faced a lot of heat, criticism, and internal for her leadership of a local Veterans Administration.

Now we understand one of the many reasons why Kirk is stressing his legislative bona fides to improve the uality and care for Veterans.

The most liberal of Democratic U.S. Senators stress their willingness to work across the aisle with the Republican Party when it comes to veterans affairs and proper treatment of our armed men and women returning from combat.

Furthermore, exposing the massive failures of the VA puts Democrats on the defense when they push Obamacare.

Government healthcare is already failing America's finest, and no one would suggest that they deserve standard, but the best care.

If the best that the government can offer is failure, with long lines and secret waiting lists, then why would we think that the same system multiplied to everyone else would be any better?

Responding to Veterans’ Call for Help

Dear Friend,

Last week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report identifying that 30 percent of text messages sent to the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL), designed to help veterans in need, went unanswered.

Unbelievable. Veterans fight to recover in peace time, and in civilian milieu.

What happens when the integration from the war zone to the private sector takes many years longer? What then?

The GAO report follows a February VA Inspector General report that outlined numerous failures with the VCL, including reports that phone calls consistently went unanswered and hotline staff were inadequately trained to deal with our veterans’ critical needs. 

I think that anyone who is expected to seek care from a government institution will end up in depressive straights faster than someone who simply suffers in silence.

Our armed personnel need help. They need caring, and they need to see their country honor their service.

In my Military Construction and Veterans Affairs conference report, I included $8.7 million above the president’s budget request for the VCL to fully fund 140 new staff. Veterans that call a crisis hotline are often in desperate need of help. It is inexcusable that their needs are not addressed immediately and efficiently. I will continue to fight at every turn for the brave men and women who kept America safe.


Senator Mark Kirk

A Republican who is willing to divert more funds to Veterans Care deserves more attention.

Let's hope that as the race continues forward, Kirk will be able to champion his efforts and succeed in his general election bid.

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