Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Donald Trump's YUUGE! Fundraising Haul

It was YUUGE!




Our amazing supporters played a huge role in the success of a fundraising effort that was so historic and unprecedented that even the Washington Post was forced to admit it was "the most successful in American politics."

With your help, our campaign:
·         Raised $2 million in just 12 hours on June 21
·         Raised $3 million its first day
·         Met and exceeded its $10 million dollar fundraising deadline goal
And now we are proud to report that we raised an astounding $51 million in June! And most of that was just in the last ten days!

This was the result of our first major fundraising push. Unbelievable. Arthur, this is how I know voters are excited about the leadership that Mr. Trump will bring to our country.

But, let me implore you: WE CANNOT STOP THERE. As Mr. Trump stated in an email last week: "I will not stop there. I didn't start this fight . . . but I WILL end it."

And you can help him end the fight. Stay engaged. Keep fighting in the trenches with us.

Contribute to our momentum by pitching in $3 today at the link below.

Every dollar that comes through the doors will be yet another nail in the coffin for Crooked Hillary's campaign and ensure she never sees the inside of the White House ever again.

For now, on behalf of Mr. Trump, thank you again for standing with him at this crucial turning point for our nation.


Brad Parscale
Digital Director, Trump for President


I will take Trump and his supporters at their word.

The Donald has not yet begun to fight.

He has just taken the gloves off, and he is getting ready to pound Hill-LIAR-y for all she is worth.

The FBI's repugnant decision not to indict her will only fuel the flames of anti-establishment populism. The Green Party is already attacking her, along with the vast array of Middle America and conservative pundits to boot.

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