Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dr. Kenneth Wright for Congress

Congressman Ted Lieu panders to illegal aliens, to radical Muslims, wants the United States to make deals with the Enemy.

He is resolutely dedicated to treating transgenderism like a civil right.

He wants to push the aggressive, tyrannical homosexual agenda on everyone.

While in the state assembly, Lieu crowed about the fact that he helped push through legislation which would prevent young people struggling with theirs sexual identity to seek help.

Reparative therapy is not harmful. Reparative therapy is ... reparative.

Lieu never met a boutique bill or a self-righteous interest that he could pass up.

Any little bill that would give him the spotlight ensured him another easy shot at election.

Thankfully, someone is running against him this year.

His name is Dr. Kenneth Wright.

Dr. Ken Wright is running as a Republican in California’s 33rd district against incumbent Democract, Ted Lieu.  Congressman Lieu thinks he has already won this election.  In fact, he is so confident he doesn’t even list his stance on the issues on his website.

Lieu has no stances, because he has no integrity.

He does not stand for anything, but rather sits wherever he is told to.

Dr. Wright is a lifelong Angeleno who wants to represent the voices of the 33rd district.  He is not a career politician, working his way up the political ladder.

He has grown up, lived, and worked within the entire 33rd Congressional District.

He was born and raised in Torrance.. He lives in Marina Del Rey. He works in Beverly Hills.

Pretty incredible, I say!

I would like to invite you to explore Dr. Ken Wright’s Facebook page and website (  His website includes his personal history and where he stands on important issues affecting the 33rd District.  Keep updated about Dr. Wright’s campaign on his Facebook page.

Please share Dr. Wright’s Facebook page and website with the followers of your page so we can get the momentum going towards election day in November.

Thank you and have a wonderful Independence Day.

Please, let us celebrate independence from Ted Lieu.

This Congressman is a complete disgrace who should not be in office.

He is a rabid leftist with no regard for the United States Constitution, the rule of law, or the South Bay way of life.

Ted Lieu has excused Hillary Clinton's crimes.

Lieu wants to federalize the coastline along the Santa Monica Bay.

He refuses to do anything to secure our borders.

He will not fight for the individual liberties of all Americans.

Lieu is a total lieu-ser, and he needs to go.

Dr. Wright is an opthamologist.

He has researched, written, and lectured widely on medicine.

He has a resolute practice, and he is dedicated to helping poor people better themselves.

He is also dedicating to making this country a better place, too.

Vote for Ken Wright for Congress!

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