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California MassResistance: Full-Court Press Against SB1146 During July Recess

California is embracing the perverse LGBT agenda almost as quickly as Massachusetts already has. The infamous openly gay (and pedophile) Harvey Milk has his own state holiday. Major cities have their own homosexual “pride” parades.

There are glimmers of hope, although not very strong. LGBT pageantries have begun dying down in San Francisco, a city where only the most well-to-do can afford to live, in the midst of overwhelming squalor. West Hollywood, considered a gay “mecca” for decades, discussed removing the six-colored rainbow flag from city hall. Los Angeles is reeling from crime and corruption on an unprecedented scale, and pro-gay forces are in conflict about how to celebrate their “pride”.

Nevertheless, the attacks on the family have taken on an unprecedented surge. The California Republican Party allowed the pro-gay Log Cabin Republicans to become a chartered group, even though party by-laws forbid chartering groups with values in conflict with the state party platform.
Before Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed legislation to allow men into women’s bathrooms, the California state legislature had signed off on similar legislation, which would allow “transgender” students in public schools to use student restrooms and locker rooms rather than having to change in a separate room entirely.

Pro-family groups throughout the state fought hard to overturn this law through initiative, but fell short—twice—to collect the necessary signatures.

The state superintendent has also signed off on forcing students as early as second grade to learn about the key figures in LGBT history.

I kid you not. There is nothing gay about this agenda.

And now, the latest iteration of these perverse policies is manifesting behind SB 1146.

This legislation would effectively shut down Christian higher education in the state. Christian colleges would have to scale back the exemptions they claim to specific religious training only. The schools would also be reuired to inform prospective students that they claim the Title IX exemptions.
The legislation has been amended and changed numerous times, but the concerns about it have not gone away.

Barry Corey, the president of Biola University, one of the oldest Christian colleges in the state of California, has issued his latest concerns about this legislation: “We don’t them want to change who were are.”

This approach is not the strongest. It does not attack the core issues relating to this agenda, that so much of it is predicated on lies and distortions, chief of which is that homosexual behavior and transgenderism are not civil rights, and therefore do not fall within the confines of Title IX in the first place.

In spite of the tepid response from most establishment pro-family groups, California MassResistance is taking on a more direct, confrontational approach.

On June 29th, a few days before the state legislature adjourned for summer recess, our team stormed and protested in front of the bill’s sponsor, the openly gay and hostile State Senator Ricardo Lara. Staffers were supposed to meet with five members of our team, but they never showed up.
On the same day, the California state assembly’s judiciary committee conducted a sham hearing on the bill, and passed it out to the Appropriations committee, which will review the legislation during the first week of August.

After the judiciary committee hearing, California MassResistance members knew that they had their work cut out for them.

Immediately, call sheets were sent out to pro-family groups to contact all members of the Assembly appropriations committee.
From there, our team planned specific visits to confront specific lawmakers, and hold them accountable to vote against this terrible bill.
Our team visited both Republicans as well as Democrats.

The staffer, Sara Wiltfong, offered no clear answer whether Hadley would vote for or against the bill. This lack of certitude was very disconcerting.

Two Democratic assemblymembers, Patti Lopez and Jimmy Gomez, despite the state party’s radical left-wing leanings, have announced that they will vote against SB 1146.

The next day, California MassResistance paid a visit to a public event hosted by the Assembly minority leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley, Yucaipa). Coincidentally enough, concerns about SB1146 were weighing on many residents’ minds at the event. Mayes indicated that he did not know a lot about the bill. That was very disturbing news to hear. We expected him to signal emphatic opposition to the bill. Here are his remarks to the group meeting.

The next week, California MassResistance planned a more extensive lobbying effort, targeting not just members of the Appropriations Committee, but individuals in swing districts or tight races.
Friday July 22.

The first group spoke with representatives of assemblyman Chris Holden. He has normally voted more liberal on key issues, but constituents have also noted that he attends a local church, and faces a challenger for his seat.

California MassResistance announced their concerns about SB 1146 and urged a No Vote:

Another group headed to Assembly Miguel Santiago’s office in Los Angeles. He had cancelled the meeting with constituents the night before!

Shame on him! He faces a strong challenger who is taking no special interest money!

California MassResistance does not rely on persuasion. Most lawmakers must feel the heat to see the light. Our team is committed to making it very clear to legislators: Vote No on SB 1146 or we will throw you out of office!

1. Majority Leader Ian Calderon
2. Assemblyman Tom Daly
3. Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell

Two members were interested in visiting Calderon’s office, but nothing came of it.
Two members of the team spoke with Daly’s staff in Anaheim:
The greatest demonstration occurred at Assemblyman O’Donnell’s office, where at least fifty people arrived in front of the building, and five of us went in to speak with O’Donnell’s Communications Director.

For the next thirty minutes, parents and grandparents from Christian college alumni explained their opposition to SB 1146. We had another person in the lobby join our discussion. Pastor Jerry Reub of Cornerstone Church explained how churches and Christian schools were offering services to the community, while Senator Ricardo Lara was only interested in limiting their freedom of speech and outreach.

Check out videos of our protest here, here, and here.

Here are some key photos from our meeting with O’Donnell and his staff:

The turnout was impressive, once again exceeding my expectations.
The pastor of Cornerstone Church, Reverend Jerry Reub
O'Donnell's communications director took notes and listened
while California MassResistance explained our
STAUNCH opposition to SB 1146
The message could not be simpler or more accurate!
The lady in the middle, Sunny Lopez, is pro-LGBT,
but she vehemently opposes SB 1146!

Two other news outlets interview me in connection with California MassResistance: NBC News (digital) and CalWatchdog. Check out the Calwatchdog article here.

City Councils take lead to protest SB 1146

Locally elected officials in California are also sounding the alarm about this terrible bill, and one of those cities is located in Senator Lara’s own district!

Cudahy city councilman Jack Guerrero submitted a discussion item to the July 25th Cudahy City Council agenda. He gave a passionate defense of the First Amendment and religious liberty, but neither of his remaining couples would even second his motion.

Terrible, but activists in the city supported Guerrero’s fight for the First Amendment:
The next day, I visited La Mirada, the home of Biola University.

The city council has drafted a letter in opposition to SB 1146, which they have forwarded to Senator Ricardo Lara.

The councilman who has been most active on this issue, Andrew Sarega, sat with me and shared more specific concerns about the bill and why religious freedom must be protected at all costs.
Councilman Andrew Sarega
Final Reflection
Our work is cut out for us, but the momentum against this legislation is gaining.

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