Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jane Elliot: The "Anti-Racist" Racist Bigot

I am starting to see where all the anti-white, pro-multicultural anti-American bigotry has really come from.

Embittered liberals like Jane Elliot taught crowds of guilty white people that they are prejudiced.

She also claimed that public schools are inherently racist.

Jane Elliot

Are they?

A large number of public schools are still critically segregated.

By design? Yes, but government design.

That is not the fault of "White America."

Jane Elliot was stirring up racial strife.

She forget to include some key elements in the fight against racism.

Black people did not stay in the back of the bus.

They exercised their rights to fight and win.

Racial groups like the NAACP are now living in the past.

In fact, listening to some of Elliot's rhetoric, she sounds anti-white.

Isn't that racist?

Furthermore, the argument that only certain people have skin color is wrong

A black woman, a professor at Cal State Long Beach taught me that everyone has color in their skin even "white people."

The argument about "Brown-eyed people are smarter than green-eyed people" is a spurious argument. It's not about the color of our eyes, but cultural commitments to the truth.

Sorry, but all this talk about racism, and tagging every person who has lighter skin as "a hater" is getting old fast.

This is turning into another fascist attempt to shut people down just because they have differences of opinion,

Elliot was indeed controversial (Credit: Getboldtoday,com)

Check out her discussion on Oprah from twenty years ago.

Shame on Jane Elliot!

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