Sunday, July 17, 2016

Marc Steinorth: It's Time to Break Some Windows!

--- Open letter to Marc Steinorth ---
Dear Assemblyman:

I appreciate your loving attention to animals.

I have attended a meeting about the humane treatment of animals.

It was marred only because my state senator at the time, Ted Lieu, cared more about animals than people.

Your legislation to help animals trapped in cars is pretty smart, too.

It's a good idea, it demonstrates a resonance for issues which animal lovers care about.

And yet, there is another group of creatures who are trapped in a vehicle.

They are hot, uncomfortable, and they want out.

Yet the cost of leaving seems to great. What they need is relief.

They are sweating from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day!

Who will break the window to let these poor creatures out?

Who am I talking about?

I am talking about every California residents.

We are taxed to death.

The spending is heating up the pension debt.

The roads are terrible.

The Baby Killers and the Marriage Destroyers are taking over our kids' future.

They are trapped, too, in this cultural  malaise of death.

We're burning up, too, Marc!

The schools are worse. You want to talk about creatures trapped in heated, uncomfortable vehicles? Let's talk about the bad education kids are forced to endure in school.

Assemblyman Steinorth, I am very concerned that you are not aware of what the people of the state of California are going through, well at least that is the perception.

Yes, animals are important. Yes, Californians care about their pets. But who will care for the pet owners? People are people, too!

I have spoken to other conservative activists in your district. They feel disappointed, even betrayed. They do not see you fighting for them, but just playing safe to get through an election. Some of them have told me outright that they will not campaign for you this time, That is not good. You need them, and they need you to do your job!

It's good to vote the right way, but now we need you to fight, fight, fight!

It's time to break some windows! It;s time to make some noise.

It's time for real confrontation to fight against the Big Government lunacy that is suffocating California residents.

I want you to win, but we need you to be a winner for us on key issues, controversial though they may be.

But whoever said that breaking a window or two would NOT be confrontational, or controversial?

It was not pretty what his staff, what his relatives have resorted to in order for Petty, Despicable Pete to win.

I also so Abigail Medina's volunteers walking into Agui-LIAR's fundraiser.

Break the Windows, Marc!

We the People Rising stood our ground and protested at length

Pro-life and pro-secure border activists, we are not afraid to confront these liars and frauds.

We are not afraid to "break a few windows".

One of Agui-LIAR'S relatives, his uncle Hermas, grabbed one of our friends--Raul Rodriguez--and pushed him, trying to throw him out!

That is a crime!

Eventually, the police showed up, and we reported Uncle Herman's crime!

Tio Hermano is in big trouble.

Marc, we are breaking windows on all the crime and corruption in San Bernardino County.

You need to do the same. If you want to win, you need to be willing to break some windows!

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