Monday, July 4, 2016

Muratsuchi Endorsed by Planned Murderhood

Al "Union Whore" Muratsuchi touts his latest endorsement by Planned Parenthood.

He should be ashamed of himself.

He thinks that a left-wing non-profit---which actually profits from the death of unborn children--will help propel his campaign.

He has also resorted to attacking Assemblyman David Hadley's libertarian stance on life and private decisions.

Check out Oil Muratsuchi's latest fraudulent post on Facebook:

Will Assemblymember David Hadley come clean about his real position and feelings on women's reproductive health?

Because elected officials care about life and the health of women and children, it is estimable that Hadley has a low-rating from a rogue profiteer organization.

Hadley is once again trying to fool the voters of the 66th District by doing one thing and saying another. This time it is with women’s health. As women around the District celebrate the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision that strikes down very restrictive, burdensome Texas abortion laws, David Hadley is hiding the fact that he actually voted twice against AB 1177, a bill that has made it easier for women to get access to reproductive health care at primary care facilities throughout the state. He also has a mere 17 percent voting record with Planned Parenthood.

That's a good thing! Planned Murderhood should be shut down immediately.

Shame on Muratsuchi!

Just this Spring, he participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for a so-called “pregnancy crisis clinic” in Torrance, a clinic that, according to a recent KPCC article, was found to be violating new state law requiring all “pregnancy crisis” clinics to notify their clients that the state offers access to low-cost and free abortions. He even presented the clinic with a resolution from the state of California.

Notice that Hadley has worked with the community.

Notice also that he meets with constituents, that he fosters businesses, and forms strong relationships with local leaders.

As a fired legislator, Muratsuchi was arrogant and aloof, never reached out to anyone, served himself and the over-done special interests who had paid his way into office.

I am glad that my Assembly is staking out as much of a pro-life stance as possible considering the very difficult dynamics facing the state of California in particularly and the pro-life movement in general.

For the record, the bill which Muratsuchi is griping about is AB 775, a law which forces health care clinics to provide information to patients about how to get abortions, even Christian and Catholic facilities which oppose abortion!

That is anti-First Amendment tyranny, and Hadley rejected that bill. Good for him!

Bad for Muratsuchi!

It’s no wonder that Al Muratsuchi for Assembly has received the endorsement of both the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project and the California chapter of the National Organization for Women.

It's no wonder that more pro-life forces are dedicated to ensuring that Al Muratsuchi does not take one more step toward the state legislature.

Let's also consider the source of Muratsuchi's pride.

Planned Parenthood fell into massive disfavor over the past year because operatives were selling baby parts.


Look over these videos and see the disgusting misuse of human life. A baby is a baby when it's conceived, not when it's delivered out of the mother's womb. A human life is not a commodity to barter and trade like a piece of furniture.

Muratsuchi is proud of this endorsement? A for-profit tyranny which degrades human life?!

The last thing that the South Bay needs, or anyone in the state of California, is another corrupted politician who bows down to the Abortion industry.

Vote for David Hadley for state assembly. We need someone in the state legislature who cares about the best interests of the state and its future, not someone who does the bidding of corrupt, illegal "non-profits".

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