Monday, July 4, 2016

Al "Gun-Grab" Muratsuchi Shoots Blanks Against Hadley

Muratsuchi is desperate to paint David Hadley as a harsh, embittered extremist.

Let's backpedal this issue.

What is the real beef?

Today, David Hadley again failed to stand up to the special interests to make our community safer.


Hadley abstained from voting against military assault weapons on our streets. He decided that Senate Bill 880, which would close the 
so-called "bullet button" loophole by redefining what constitutes a
detachable magazine for assault weapons, just wasn't important enough to vote on.

First of all, gun control is a wasted effort, which will not protect law-abiding citizens from the criminal perversions of gun-runners, drug dealers and gang-bangers.

Let's not forget that Muratsuchi said nothing when former state senator Leland Yee was arrested then convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned for gun-running to terrorists.

Leland Yee supporters Al Muratsuchi:
Gun-runner and gun control hypocrite

What hollow hypocrisy!

Second of all, gun manufacturers have already created different firearms which circumvent this new law.

Third of all, this intrusion on the Second Amendment is intolerable and untenable.

How much more gun-grabbing will it take before the general public acknowledges that this gun control mania is setting up law-abiding citizens for crime?

Hadley cowered in his seat on the Assembly floor, refusing to take a stand, as his fellow legislators stood up to the gun lobby and NRA to make our community safer.

Muratsuchi had a record of hiding from votes.

Local elected officials told me this time and again about "Oil" Muratsuchi.

It's another sign that he is too extreme for the South Bay.

Anyone who bends over for Big Labor, who caves to Big Baby-Kill, any candidate who does what the special interests of Sacramento tell him.

David Hadley has provided better representation and more balance than any Democrat in the state assembly.

The last thing that the state of California needs is another union puppet, baby-killer, gun-grabber, and all-out big spender out to destroy our liberties.

Al shoots blankks.

Say No to Al "Gun-Grab" Muratsuchi.

Vote for David Hadley for State Assembly!

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