Friday, July 22, 2016

CA MassResistance Confronts Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell--Vote NO! on SB 1146

July 22, 2016.

Save California and California MassResistance teamed up again, and today, we put pressure on five California state assemblymen--the majority of whom are seated on the crucial appropriations committee--to protest and demand the full withdrawal of SB 1146.

The turnout was impressive, once again exceeding my expectations.

Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell

The crowds had Moms, Dads, grandparents, alumni of Christian schools, many of whom are constituents of Patrick O'Donnell, shored up their growing opposition to Lara's delusional, destructive bill.

Scott Carter, a CA MassResistance member from San Pedro, CA showed up and made connections with Long Beach residents.

Within five minutes, we all connected to plan for the next phase of the protest:

Who was going to meet with the staff?

A Biola Mom raised her had immediately, then a grandmother, another teacher, and the pastor from Cornerstone Church in Long Beach.

The five of us went into the office, while the rest of the MassResistance team stayed behind.

Carter reminded me that its important to send the message loud and clear outside the building as well as in the office,

Exactly. Men and women will be passing to and from from the office building, and other people would see us protesting, and start asking questions.

The pastor of Cornerstone Church, Reverend Jerry Reub

A couple of young people approached our group after our meeting, for example.

Meeting with O'Donnell's staff

The five of us who went up explained our reasons to each other and the public for opposing SB 1146.

A security staffer told us to leave, but I rebuffed her by telling her that we had an appointment with the assemblyman.

It was really impressive how everything flowed today.

O'Donnell's communications director took notes and listened
while California MassResistance explained our
STAUNCH opposition to SB 1146

The staffers were all ready for us. Three of our team were Long Beach residents, and constituents, of Assemblyman O'Donnell. Another person sitting in the office lobby joined us in the conference room with Jesse Switzer, the communication director.

For the next thirty minutes, each of us outlined considerable outrage and concern about Lara's destructive, anti-liberty legislation.

One lady is a teacher, and she resists the state's ongoing determination for force her to give up her Christian views.

A mother and grandmother praised the Christian institutions which they or their families had attended. Why is this bill even being considered?

The message could not be simpler or more accurate!

The pastor of Cornerstone Church explained the religious foundation of this country. I added that the United States began as a nation because of men and women fleeing religious persecution.

The lady in the middle, Sunny Lopez, is pro-LGBT,
but she vehemently opposes SB 1146!

Now it's happening to us here!

Sunny Lopez made a great comment: "This bill is like forcing a Chinese community to accept a German bakery."

That issue of force riles many people in the state of California, regardless of whether they are pro-homosexual or not.

The four people related to churches or working in and around (Reverend Jerry is a trustee for Biola University!) listed the many services which private Christian schools offer to the world, not just for California or the surrounding cities where they are based.

Check out our extended video of our conference with O'Donnell's staff here.

After the Meeting

Our team of five left the office, we walked passed some of the angry security personnel.

As soon as we regrouped with the rest of the team outside, one of the members informed us that the press had arrived.

I spoke with the report from KNX radio, giving our reasons for being there, and what we expected to accomplish in our meeting with Assemblyman O'Donnell's staff.

Our team of five not only shared what they talked about with O'Donnell's staff, but emphasized the importance of gathering more times and continuing the pressure on our lawmakers to do the right thing by all California residents.

Final Reflection

California MassResistance put together another incredible turnout.

The five of us--actually six--who met with O'Donnell's staff stressed not just our objections to SB 1146's invasion of our First Amendment rights, but the sure anti-biological lunacy of the movement.

I stressed a number of times that this bill completely abuses the spirit and letter of the Title IX statutes and exemptions.

Pastor Jerry informed the communications director about the great work which Christians are doing in inner-city areas of Long Beach, as well as helping impoverished children and adults.

And he mentioned his numerous contacts around the district, including his 2,000 congregants.

When it comes to getting politicians to do what is right, constituents, citizen lobbyists have to scare their elected officials.

They need to feel the heat, that angry voters will barrage their office and demand their stance and vote on key issues ... or they will get thrown out of office.

The media coverage that CA MassResistance received for this event, from Anaheim to Los Angeles, has emboldened our members to keep putting pressure on our lawmakers to stop this terrible anti-freedom, anti-biology, anti-reality legislation.

There is still a week and a half before the state legislators return to Sacramento, and another week before the Appropriations committee reviews and votes on SB 1146.

We will keep readers informed about the next events to come.

In the meantime, here are the steps that readers can take to help stop SB 1146:

1. Contact your legislator. Use this resource to find your representative.

2. Contact the following assemblymembers, who sit on the Appropriations Committee:

3. Contact me if you want to set up another MassResistance Protest at your assemblyman's office, particularly if your representative is on the list above.

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