Sunday, July 24, 2016

Facebook Fail: Trending News Claims Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute?!

The mainstream media do not hide their biases anymore.

They seem to wear them, as a badge of dishonor.

It's outrageous!

Consider these trends on the Facebook newsfeed:

Right there at the top, the feed reads: "Laura Ingraham Appears to Perform Gesture During SPeech ar RNC."

What gesture? The Nazi salute.



Here is the video of her entrance onto the stage.

No Nazi sign. No Nazi salute.

Does the press have any shame left?

Does Facebook still wonder why people have questioned and challenged the leadership at the firm?!

What kind of fools do the Facebook editors take us for?

Laura Ingraham is not a Nazi.

She has invited many guests of all backgrounds onto her program.

The Republican National Convention presented one of the most diverse and inviting coalition of conservative voters in the country.

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