Saturday, July 30, 2016

Shame on Rosario Marin, Anti-Trump Hispanderer

Rosario Marin (R-Huntington Park) has a storied career in California as well as national politics.

She was a Republican in deep-blue HP, a city where the lawlessness is spilling out all over the streets and eating up the government. The same city where the current corrupt coven on the city council has appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions.

The Mexican mafia run the city, and they are trying to run it into the ground. One of the world's most celebrated immigrants, Nick the Greek, has gotten nothing but disrespect and the run-around from the city.

Back to Rosario Marin.

She was tapped as a token appointment to serve as Secretary of the Treasury for George W. Bush.

Yes, that move was a milestone. She had advertised herself as a centrist who could compete statewide to make the Republican Party brand strong again.

Yet ideologically, Marin did nothing for the country or the conservative cause.

It's very frustrating that she has not stepped up to speak out against the corruption engulf her city.

We the People Rising have been fighting against the corruption and lawlessness of the rogue city council for nearly a year.

She has not shown her face one time.

Now I know why.

Fox News Latino reports:

Rosario Marin, the former U.S. Treasurer under George W. Bush, says that for the first time in more than two decades, she is not campaigning for the Republican presidential nominee or attending the Republican National Convention because she fiercely objects to Donald Trump.

Why does she "fiercely object" to Trump?

Marin says she is too stung by Trump’s rhetoric about Mexico, and about undocumented immigrants, to bring herself to even consider being part of any process that promotes him for president.

What exactly has Donald Trump said about Mexico, or Mexican people in general. When Trump was stating that "Mexico is not sending their best people", he was talking about illegal aliens.

Huntington Park City Council
He never once claimed that all Mexicans are evil. In fact, there is a growing, and welcome surge of Hispanic voters who SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP!

“I have been the spokesperson for five presidential Republican campaigns,” Marin told Fox News Latino. “I have attended the previous five Republican national conventions. I’m not going this year, and I am not campaigning for him. I would never, never, ever vote for the little orange man.”

Firs of all, he's not little. Friends of mine have met with him, and they recognize that he is pretty tall.

He is not orange. But if we really want to get into playing with colors, who then is the racist?

Marin is playing the race card, and she is playing up to the GOP elitists who want corporate welfare, easy taxes, amnesty, and who do not care about life and family.

Strangely enough, Marin's disdain for Trump is completely out of step with many of the Hispanic communities throughout the country.

She's also arrogant:

The outreach efforts she and other Latino Republicans have made in the last several years to persuade Latinos to see the party as one that shares many values – family, economic, educational, among others – are being hurt, she said.

What efforts has she taken? Where has she been? As I said above, she hasn't spend a lot of time in Huntington Park. The city is 

“It makes our job much more difficult, I know what is coming,” Marin said.

“I’m in mourning, It’s been very painful,” Marin said. “He’s writing off the Hispanic community. He’s taking a political calculated risk, and the party is the one that loses.”

That is a lie. Donald Trump has not been writing off any groups, especially since he focuses on issues which concern everyone: immigration, economy, security.

Those issues are as inclusive as they come.

“He brushed us all together” into a negative stereotype, Marin said. “Millions of us have contributed so much to this country, we love this country. I’m flabbergasted. I cannot believe that this man, who is not even a real Republican, will be our standard-bearer.”

Baloney. She is the one painting all Hispanics with a broad brush. Shame on Rosario Marin.

If the former mayor of Huntington Park had spent more time fighting corruption in her own city. If she has spent less time Hispandering and more time fighting for the issues that everyone cares about, if she spent less time playing the race card, then this country would be in better shape.

This observation of hers was particularly flawed:

Then-Gov. Pete Wilson, a Republican, was a very vocal supporter of the measure [Prop 187], and both he and the law are seen as the catalyst to turning the state’s ballooning Latino population against the Republican Party. Since that measure – which eventually the courts struck down – no Republican presidential nominee has won California and only one GOP candidate, moderate Arnold Schwarzenegger, running for governor or U.S. senator has been elected.  

The line of reasoning above suggests that Republicans have fared poorly in California because the state did not pander to illegal aliens and its accompanying lawlessness.

Let's not forget that California went for Bill Clinton in 1992, in part because Ross Perot stole Republican voters from George H. W. Bush.

Let's also recall that Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento have been eroding the status of citizenship for the last two decades since then. Democratic lawmakers love handing out "freebies" to moochers and entitled layabouts. All the public subsidies are attracting more illegals and dependents from other states.

The state of California is going blue because working and middle-income Americans are struggling to survive in a state where feudal elitists are dictating bad policies that harm everyone but themselves. Red states are getting redder at the same time.

With the financial miasmas dragging down the state, and with more businesses and working-class residents of moderate means getting fed up with the arrogant political class in Sacramento, the situation is ripe for a low-key Republican focusing on basic issues to take back the Governor's seat and start repairing the Republican Party brand from the local elections on upwards.

As for the hispanderings of Rosario Marin and her elitist ilk, perhaps we do not want her campaiging for Trump. We would prefer that she not campaign at all.

She apparently suffers from the same "Clinton Cash" problem. The Los Angeles Times investigated her, and found that she was violated administrative policy by receiving speaker fees while serving in the Schwarzenegger administration in California:

A member of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's cabinet resigned Thursday after questions about income she received for giving speeches to private companies, including some that were doing business with her agency.

In a letter to the governor resigning her $175,000 a year position, Rosario Marin, head of the State and Consumer Services Agency, said she had "decided to pursue other opportunities."

The resignation came after The Times inquired about her outside income, which included thousands of dollars in fees for speeches to pharmaceutical companies within months of her agency's push last year to reduce oversight of prescription drugs.

State law bars officials from accepting speaking fees except in certain situations, such as when the income is related to the speaker's "bona fide" business, trade or profession.

Marin Cash, anyone?

So, at the end of it all, why should we really care what Marin has to say about Donald Trump. She refused to take strong stances on key issues during her respective bids for office, She has not articulated a clear vision  for conservative policies.

And Huntington Park is still a haven for illegal immigration and lawlessness. When will this insanity stop?!

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  1. Aurelio MattucciJuly 31, 2016 at 6:26 PM

    Have you driven through Huntington Park lately? It is a pile of human waste. It is a city that had allowed itself to become a reflection of the same country many are fleeing. It is just an American version of Tijuana.