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California MassResistance in Cudahy, CA

July 25th, 2016.

Councilman Jack Guerrero of Cudahy, California--a small,heavily Hispanic, working-class city--submitted a discussion item for the day's city council agenda.

If passed, the item would have directed city staff to bring forth an agenda item which the five city councilmembers could vote on. This resolution would have declared the city council's opposition to Senate Bill 1146, the "Kill Christian Colleges" bill sponsored by the unconscionable Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens).

This move is the first recorded in the state of California, where elected officials have taken further steps to stop that pernicious bill.

Hispanic communities throughout California are rising up, raising their voices against the terrible legislation. Samuel Rodriguez, the lead pastor of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, has aligned minority leaders in vocal opposition.

Councilman Jack Guerrero,
the only honest elected official
in Cudahy, CA.

Now, another leader, a conservative and conscientious Christian, Jack Guerrero, is leading the fight at the local level, informing residents to put pressure on their elected representatives.

In Cudahy, I have worked with a larger network of activists.

They fight against the corruption of the current city council, in which four of the members do the bidding of private contractors and the Democratic political machine in the region. Ricardo Lara runs his state senator district like a mafia don. He gets his way, and anyone who gets in his way, gets theirs really quickly.

Most residents are either unaware or unwilling to get involved in the perverse political conflicts rife in the region. One newspaper article referred to Cudahy as "The City the Law Forgot."

Cristian Hernandez, Chris Garcia, and Cristian Markovich

In 2012, two former city councilmembers were arrested, sent to federal prison over bribery scandals. Extremely disturbing and destructive.

The new city council is made up of mostly young men, and they are  just as corrupt.

They abuse Jack Guerrero frequently.

Their previous policies have turned Cudahy into a sanctuary city.

Crime is still high. The city is full of renters. The streets are dirty. The budget is facing massive deficits, and the city could go bankrupt.

Very little is actually functional in Cudahy.

And yet ...

Jack Guerrero took a stand for liberty, for the First Amendment.

The item appears as Number 13 B in the city agenda (pg. 4) ...

13 B. Council Member Guerrero i. Discussion item on City Council resolution on behalf of Cudahy residents, to oppose SB 1146, and support religious freedom

The city council meeting started late, which has become an unfortunate habit of the current council.

A few presentations followed, including the showing of the colors by a local ROTC unit.

The city council then opened up the meeting to public comment, but a little more background is needed here. Cudahy city council members have been repeatedly limiting public comment, as more residents of the city have identified the crime and corruption of their elected officials. The four corrupt members of the council--Chris Garcia, Cristian Hernandez. Cristian Markovich, and mayor Baru Sanchez--were supposed to be fellow reformers along with Jack Guerrero.

Sandra Orozco, a political activists based in Maywood and who networks with all major cities in the Southeast Corridor, spoke out against SB 1146. Check out here comments here.

But they failed. Like many young politicians, they liked getting things. They wanted the notoriety, and the big money which comes with it.

The Four Corruptitos from a prior city council meeting

They spend money which the city does not have.

They have raised crippling taxes and fees on the residents, the vast  majority of whom are working poor and struggle from month to month to survive.

Chris Garcia has attacked Guerrero publicly and privately. The savagery among the four against the one honest councilman has grown so deep, that Guerrero does not meet with them in the same room during Closed Session deliberations.

Previous protests against the Cudahy Corruptitos

It is outrageous.

With this backdrop of challenges and difficulties facing the only good  elected official among the lot of them, readers across the country--supporters of MassResistance and the pro-life, pro-family cause, can understand the risks and costs incurred by Guerrero to challenge SB1146.

And there's more.

Cudahy, CA resides in the senate district which Ricardo Lara represents. The petty, illiberal adult child has been targeting Guerrero for the last three years. He wants him out, and wants to replace this man and other honest councilmembers with his bought-and-paid-for cronies.

Yet Jack wanted to discuss opposition to SB 1146.

His greatest opposition--and threat to safety--is Chris Garcia. Like many corrupted local officials, he attempted to push back discussion of the agenda item so far toward the end of the meeting, that the remaining audience members would get discouraged, give up, and go home.

But California MassResistance did not give up.

Residents in support of good government rallied to support this measure.

Here is the video seuence in which Guerrero explains his reasons for opposing SB 1146.

Notable in his comments, the councilman referenced young residents in the city who had attended Christian colleges and received CalGrants to fund their education. Her described the Biblical standards of single-sex bathrooms and doors, plus the dedicated spiritual use of courses and school property as "common sense", in a subtle yet necessary critic of the delusional LGBT agenda.

The most appalling result of this preliminary discussion?

Of the three remaining city councilmembers on the dais (Mayor Sanchez did not show up, and Garcia ran away), no one would second Guerrero's motion to present a full resolution in opposition to SB 1146!

At first, Markovich acknowledged that he had thought long and hard about SB 1146, and then whether to oppose or support it. After showing some restraint or consideration, he sat silent and did nothing when Guerrero moved to act on the discussion item.

Not one thing.

Just terrible!

In spite of this setback, the councilman affirmed to me and the audience that he would return to the matter to discussion at a future date.

And California MassResistance will be there to support his decision and inform more Californians throughout the state to demand that this legislation be pulled.

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