Friday, July 8, 2016

Los Angeles Democratic Club President Calls Elie Wiesel "Holocaust Whore"

I had heard some disparaging remarks from Democratic leaders.

But I had no idea the amount of venom that local Democratic leaders, here in Los Angeles County, would volley at a Holocaust survivor and political activist.

Elie Wiesel, born in Romania, one of the few remaining survivors (then and now) of Auschwitz, a writer, speaker, and tireless "remember-er", never stopped fighting against the humanistic lethargy which teaches men to forget the inherent wickedness of man, and the necessity to fight against evil, tryanny, and the encroachment of the state.

And yet, a leader from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party fired off an insensitive, even bitter email disparaging Wiesel.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports:

LADemocratic leader under fire for comments about Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel

The Anti-Defamation League of Los Angeles is speaking out about an email sent by a local Democratic Party leader criticizing Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize winner, who died on July 2.

I have great respect for the Anti-Defamation league. They expose anti-Israel, anti-Semitic agendas throughout Los Angeles County. Once, I attended a teaching seminar on Middle Eastern cultures. The program was highly biased: anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Jew.

I repeatedly interrupted the whitewashing of Islamic culture and the destructive history of Islam. The slant against the Jewish State, making the United States and Israel out to be unjust aggressors, was too much for me. When I called out the presentations as "propaganda", one of the members of the ADL shook my hand. informing me that they watch over those programs, paid for with taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate LAUSD teachers and then students

Dorothy Reik, president of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains and a delegate-elect for the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, angered some groups over her email, in which she made disparaging comments about Wiesel after his death.

Dorothy Reik

What she wrote, the Daily News tried to avoid sharing.

“I had met people who made their living from the Holocaust but never to the extent that Wiesel did,” Reik wrote. She also retold an incident in which another individual called Wiesel a “Holocaust w----” in the email.

Frankly, I see nothing wrong with a Holocaust survivor telling the story of what six million Jews, and five to seven million other targeted groups enduring under Nazi Germany.

If he raises money to help fight anti-Semitism, no one should complain.

Democrats take money from the most illicit, anti-community sources out there!

The infamy of such state-sponsored evil cannot be ignored.

Reik, who is Jewish, wrote in the email that her opinion did not reflect the views of the Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains and acknowledged that most of her friends and associates would disagree with her.

The Daily News sanitized the comments. Reik wrote "Holocaust WHORE."

Here is the email:

The ADL’s Pacific Southwest Regional Director Amanda Susskind posted Reik’s email on ADL-LA’s website. “While the entire world is mourning the death of Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel — often called the conscience of the world — it is particularly disturbing that this Democratic Party official would share these vicious words, even expressed as her personal opinion,” Susskind wrote.

They are vicious!

Mrs. Reik is not telling the truth. That makes her comments very offensive.

Wiesel, author of “Night,” died in New York at age 87. His death prompted an outpouring from world leaders and local politicians including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Journalist Max Blumenthal wrote a piece Monday for Alternet criticizing Wiesel for accepting high-paying speaking gigs from controversial figures and failing to stand up for oppressed groups. Reik included a link to the story in her email.

Reached at her home Wednesday, Reik said, “I apologize if I offended anyone.”

Her comments were offensive because they are false.

To depict a man of such magnanimity as a "whore" betrays a lacking moral compass.

The Democratic Party is embracing this destructive, nihilistic relativism on a grand scale.

This is wrong. When will more people start calling out the Democratic Party for their immoral--no, amoral--stances?

Eric Bauman, chair of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party and vice-chair of the California Democratic Party, said Reik was quoting a term used by another person and expressing a personal opinion.

She was expressing an opinion. Yet this opinion betrays the moral rot at the core of the California and even National Democratic Party.

“However I believe it reflects poorly on a leader of the Democratic Party to make a statement such as this,” Bauman said in an interview Wednesday. “It doesn’t appear that we have the authority to take any kind of action as it was done in her personal capacity.”

True. Freedom of speech is still freedom of speech. Of course, the Democratic Party is wallowing in its double-standard all over again.

Estee Chandler, chair of the Los Angeles chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, called Wiesel a “complicated” man. He was a “prophetic moral witness who implored the world not to remain silent in the face of oppression,” Chandler said.

But he also “failed to speak out equally on behalf of Palestinians’ rights and against anti-Muslim rhetoric and Islamophobia,” she said.

"Palestinian" is a non-entity politically. As part of the LAUSD class I took (mentioned above), we learned more distorted historical propaganda. Sorry, but there is no such thing as "Palestinian." No culture, no ethnic status, 

Chandler declined to comment on Reik’s email.

The double-standard rears its ugly head again.

RIP Elie Wiesel


What is going on here?

Why do Democrats engage in such invidious discrimination? Why this lethal hostility to Israel and a telling attempt to downplay the wickedness of the Holocaust?

The Left-wing agitators routinely deny evil. They are not committed to any clear moral code, but only toward ever-broadening equality or inequality.

That is all the care about. This forced movement for leveling every aspect of society is one of the most vile forces in our world today. Fascism, Communism, and the secular Elitism impoverishing the state of California all operate under the perverted banner of "Equality", i.e. equality of results.

That is injustice at its core.

No one can justify the false equivalence struck to try and compare the plight of Israel with the routine terrorism of West Bank rogues.

Israel gave up Gaza, and now it's turned into a war zone of unfathomable depravity. Ten years ago, it was a stellar, moving paradise.

Now, it's desecration at its core, a disturbing lesson in the final results of appeasement.

The world will miss Elie Wiesel.

One more survivor has perished, and thankfully after living a long, fulfilling life.

As for the Los Angeles County and state Democratic Party, they need to engage in some serious soul-searching, if the party apparatus has any left.

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