Sunday, July 10, 2016

10 More Reasons I Will Not Vote for the Gary Johnson (or William Weld)

Last time, I gave ten clear reasons why I would not vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson for President.

I hope more American readers, particularly unhappy Republicans and disconcerted conservatives heed my comments.

Yes, Johnson did a great job as a Republican Governor in Democratic New Mexico.

Yes, Johnson and Weld want to shrink the bloated federal government.

For many disgruntled conservatives, Johnson-Weld have presented themselves as a viable third-party option.

All noteworthy points for those who find the Top Two Presidential picks unpalatable.
I am not a YUUUUGE Trump fan, but he beats the alternative, a felonious female who just dodged a well-deserved indictment because of irrepressibly corrupt federal law enforcement agencies.

But Gary Johnson?

Trump exceeds the Johnson-Weld tag team.

Here are ten more reasons why voters should say “Go Away” to Libertarian Johnson-Weld

1. Johnson chose William Weld for his vice presidential pick, a RINO from Massachusetts who spent more time disuniting the center-right coalition in the Bay State rather than building a resurgence of limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule in his home state.
So much for advancing the libertarian cause.

2. Weld has endorsed Democrats (big government, big spending statists who also attack life and family), and considers Hillary Clinton a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump:

  • ·         Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi

  •  She lied about the disturbing connections between the Clinton Foundation and the deals done with rogue notions.

  • ·      She lied about her email servers, the classified emails, and about her dealings within the State Department.

3. They are both fringe candidates, and they embrace their marginal status. Johnson declared this much on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC left-wing love-fest. (Loony, uber-insensitive, and utterly laughable Lawrence O’Donnell loves these Libertarians. That is reason enough to toss them off the ballot.)

4. Johnson’s latest achievement? He stopped smoking pot a few months ago. He’s still working this program. Who knows what illicit drugs or controlled substances Weld is hooked on.
Do we need a pot-head in the Oval Office?

5. We already know that these Libertarians support marriage “equality.” At the same time, they praise Hillary Clinton, who has done repeated—and suspect—dealings with rogue states that kill homosexuals. Hypocrisy much?

6. The Weld-Johnson candidates like to call themselves “centrists”, when in fact they embrace some disturbing extremes. This is crazy marketing, or Orwellian political double-speak. Take your pick.

7. Gary Johnson blames the majority of police shootings on the Drug War. I blame it on crazed criminals,  Social Injustice Bullies, and a radical, anti-authoritarian, Communistic impulse ravaging the country.

8. As Governor of Massachusetts, Weld pushed government regulations to protect the environment, and expanded the social safety net for the working poor: not exactly Libertarian policy developments. Why does any of this matter? Because this Libertarian ticket is claiming the mantle of fiscal conservatism. Shouldn’t their resumes match their rhetoric?

9. William Weld compares a stern immigration policy—which includes deporting eleven million illegal aliens—to Nazi Germany rounding up all the Jews and other ethnic groups for extermination.
I ask every ready to ponder such an offensive, vacuous, and troublesome analogy. With such a disregard for our nation’s borders, and world history, plus a hack-politician immediately referencing Hitler and the Holocaust to describe an opponent’s immigration policy, Americans diverse of backgrounds (and patriotic sentiment) in this country should denounce the Johnson-Weld ticket.
Of course, Weld attempts to downplay his remarks by stating: “I am not calling Donald Trump a fascist or a Nazi.”

Sorry, Bill, but you are, and you are denigrating the millions of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews who support Donald Trump for President.

10. William Weld compared the construction of a wall along the United States’ border with Mexico to the Berlin Wall.

This comparison is just as stupid, although slightly less offensive than calling Trump a Nazi.

Mexico and the United States are two separate countries. Every nation has the right—the necessity—to assert its sovereignty and protect its citizens.

Foreign nationals are invading the country across the Southern border, attacking homes, families, committing terrible crimes. The American people have every right to expect their government to secure this nation’s borders. Even libertarians respect that responsibility.
Did I say ten reasons? Here are a few more.

11. William Weld is pro-gun control. As governor of Massachusetts, he signed off on the strictest gun-control measures in the country. He still stands his ground on those decisions (pun intended), and he intends to stake out common ground on this matter with Johnson.

A Libertarian ticket, where one member supports restricting the right of an individual to self-protection? Did I just miss something here? Johnson labeled Weld “the original libertarian.” He also called him a “political role model.” Did he conduct a proper background check on his running mate?
12. They both celebrate the GI Bill, which is funded by taxpayer dollars. There is nothing wrong with the federal government providing home loan and higher educational assistance.

So, how can Johnson-Weld claim to be libertarians, then, if they support this extra involvement of the state?

13. I had mentioned that Gary Johnson called Donald Trump a “pussy”. Then he claimed during his CNN Townhall with liberal-statist anchor/Democratic Party cheerleader Chris Cuomo that he would avoid “name-calling.” Really?!

14. Johnson agrees with SCOTUS Chief Justice John Robert that Obamacare is a “tax”, even though Obama repeatedly lied to the American public that Obamacare was not a tax, and that every would be able to keep their doctor and healthcare plan.

15. They believe that Planned Parenthood has done a lot of good, and that the government should support PP.

The Johnson-Weld ticket dances on its fiscal principles, but allows for government intervention. They engage in the same deprecation against Donald Trump, revile a secure border, and disdain pro-life, pro-family forces in our country.

The American People can do better, and choose better.

Say No to Johnson-Weld for President.

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