Thursday, June 30, 2022

Back-Handed Compliment: Special Thanks to John Paul Tabakian

I have been so busy with all the election stuff for the last three months, and then there was all the work I was doing for MassResistance, that now, finally I have the chance to write about this discovery.

Back in 2016, I exposed mega (not "MAGA") grifter John Paul Takabian and his racist, La Raza type minions. They had conspired to trespass on a veterans hall in West Carson, CA. Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club.

Later on, though, I found out that Tabakian had been saying some positive things about me in the Torrance Democratic Club meetings.

Here's a report I reportedly received from an employee at Hometown Buffet in Torrance in late 2019 (during the 2020 city council elections).

At the time, I believed that the lady who was sharing everything with me was a relative of a guy named "Jose Perez."

Two years later, it has occured to me that there is no way that this so-called "Jose Perez" person or his supposed cousin could have gotten those photos in the Torrance Democratic club if that lady was an employee.

And then it dawned on me: someone who was attending the club meeting as a member took the photos in the meeting.

Who else could that have been?

John Paul Tabakian.

He has had a massive breakup with Jimmy Gow and the Torrance Democratic Club, I suppose. He was looking for any means to get back at them, so ...

It makes perfect sense that he took some revealing photos of the Torrance Democratic Club meeting in late November 2019 to expose what they were doing.

And based on what some people in the city told me, after Jimmy Gow and his miscreants trespassed on the veterans hall in West Carson, that this "John Perez" or "Jose Perez" person was in fact Joh Paul Tabakian!

All the pieces seem to fit. John Paul gave me the photos to ruin the Torrance Democratic Club's chances in the 2020 election. He has been playing both sides of the political spectrum for a long time.

Just this once, then, I can give him a little thanks.

Thank you, John Paul, for exposing the corrupted inner workings of the Torrance Democratic Club. There is one question that remains, however: How will Jimmy Gow react when he finds out that another Democrat, John Paul, helped me expose the Torrance Democratic Club's shenanigans?

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