Sunday, June 26, 2022

Schaper Derangement Syndrome: Nyssa Wilson, Leah Nora Smith-Enciso Wanted to Sue Me

Now, this is really laughable.

Two more leftist Karens in the "Torrance Community Group", Nyssa Wilson, whoever she is, and Lean Nora Smith-Enciso carped about how they wanted to pursue legal action next!

They can't stand the heat, they want to dish out hate, and they couldn't stand the fact that I refused to sit idly by and let them hurt me and others.

Check out their ramblings below:

Seriously? They want to file a restraining order because I exposed them and their views and the nasty things that they have said about me?

If they can't take it, then they shouldn't dish it out!

The fact is that the Left is in a hyperbolic melt-down right now because conservatives, Christians, constitutionalists, men and women of conscience, and everyday people with common sense are tired of the systemic racism and bigotry that comes from regressive leftists like Leah Nora Smith-Enciso, Jen "Karen" Graham, Nyssa Wilson, and others.

Residents in the South Bay are routinely defamed, heckled, and persecuted just for speaking their minds and disagreeing with people. Now it's time to hold them accountable for their hate.

And just for that, they want to cry to a lawyer. SHAMEFUL!



They can't take the heat, and now they want to cry to court. Waahh!

I find it really interesting that Nyssa claims to know people who knew me from my high school days (Go Tartars!), but so what?

Once again, what is so gratifying, what is so vindicating about these revelations is that I live in these people's heads rent-free. And I am loving every minute of it!

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