Monday, June 20, 2022

March for Our Rights to March for Our Lives

First and Second Amendments focus of March for Our Lives in Hermosa Beach (Easy Reader News)

Only two hundred gun-control activists protested in the South Bay two weeks ago? That’s a victory for the Second Amendment, since thousands in Los Angeles County purchased firearms during the George Floyd riots in May, 2020. There are thousands more lawfully arming themselves to thwart rising violent crime rates across the county, due to pro-criminal District Attorney George Gascon’s lax enforcement policies. 

It is shameful how gun-control fanatics politicize tragedy to disarm law-abiding citizens. They ignore the true causes of mass shootings: the breakdown of the family, the lack of law and order in urban areas, the dismantling of mental health interventions, plus the increased reticence of local law enforcement agencies to subdue assailants. 

All of the proposed gun control measures from our distanced political class—bans on ghost guns, red flag laws, extended waiting periods—would not have stopped the mass shootings in Parkland, Florida; Uvalde, Texas; Aurora, Colorado; or Newtown, Connecticut. US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban did not stop mass casualties or mass shootings across the country, either. 

For the record, California is NOT one of the safest states when it comes to mass shootings, as they occur on average once every 8 days. (Source: Public Policy Institute of California) 

To end mass shootings, the federal government must repeal gun-free zone mandates. Furthermore, California should enhance Second Amendment rights by repealing onerous and useless gun-control measures while extending right-to-carry provisions in public and private locations. It's time to march for our rights if we want to march for our lives.

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