Monday, June 27, 2022

The Torrance Democratic Club Becomes "The Arthur Schaper Fan Club"

Jimmy Gow, President of the Torrance Democratic Club,
Can't Get Enough of Arthur Schaper


When I had the chance, I used to watch "The Big Bang Theory."

One of my favorite episodes focused on Sheldon Cooper's deep rivalry with Wil Wheaton, who routinely ran rings around poor Sheldon.

At one point, Sheldon was so mad, he renamed his bowling team "The Wesley Crushers."

And when Wil Wheaton comes on the scene, he declares:

"Hey Look! They named their team after me!"

And in a way, that is precisely what the Torrance Democratic Club has done.

Of course, just like Sheldon Cooper, they write too much, and think too much, and don't have a real sense of wit or style.

They must really like me, since they insist on wearing my name on their shirts:

What can I say? They are slowly but surely changing the name of their club!

Oh, and it gets better!

Check out this latest REEEEEEEEEEE! from the Torranec Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow:



Here's the picture/meme:

More people need to learn "Arthur Schaper" logic ...
It's also known as "Telling The Truth."

You really have to pity these people. They don't know how to spell. They are functionally illiterate. Now that they have started a fan club with my name on it, they are more than welcome to hire me as their tutor, too!

Check out the people who liked the post, too:

A grand total of seven people liked Jimmy Gow's post. That is pretty sad. They need to work on building their "Fan Club" numbers.

At any rate, here are the full comments/rants/whining/whinging/reeeeeeee from the Torrance Democratic Club about yours truly:

For those of you who cannot read the comments, here they are:

“Aurther Schapper LOGIC” = if the Southern Poverty Law Center proclaims your organization a hate group, you say, “Nuh-uh, the SPLC is a hate group for calling me a hate group.” And now you know how to play the game called “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” it’s a “fun” waste of time and energy. If you “call him out” for his anti-LGBTQ+ activities, it’s actually YOU that’s bullying him and YOU that hates “the gays” because you are preventing him from saving the sinners. A special target of his attacks is “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Is that why he wanted to be appointed to the Library Commission, so he could ban its non-existence in Torrance? 

Perhaps more “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” is the math he uses to explain that when he ran and lost to Asm. Al Muratsuchi with only 36% of the vote, it was BETTER than the previous guy who lost with 40% because that guy spent a lot of money to lose. 

But the best example of “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” is when he was the President of the local Republican club and because of his own behavior the organization charter was pulled by the LAGOP. But just because he fails to “play well” with those running the party, doesn’t mean he isn’t a true believer in Republican ideology and he will use “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” to twist it so that despite apparent racism in the GOP, HE is the one fighting against slavery by challenging CRT. 

He’s been using “Alternative Facts” way before Kellyanne ever coined the phrase. He currently has about 6 nesting doll type articles about the Torrance Community Group FB page on his blog. But this is nothing new, he’s been blogging about the TorranceDems for over a dozen years now. So much we had shirts* made. He says he lives “rent-free” in our heads, but I think it’s us Democrats who own the real estate beneath his red hat, we obviously were camping out in there long enough that he just had to write about us, over and over again. But that’s just more “Aurther Schapper LOGIC” if he writes about you and YOU reply, somehow you are the ones obsessed with him. It’s only “Aurther Schapper LOGIC.”

I am thrilled that the Torrance Democratic Club is accepting my arguments about the Alabama Hate Group known as "The Southern Poverty Law Center."

I am glad that they are renaming their club after me (little by little).

I am glad that they are accepting real logic, i.e. standing up to LGBT perversion is necessary.

I am certainly glad that they are willing to recognize that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group.

Last of all, I can only hope that they learn to spell. It's too bad that they are so uneducated that they do not know how to write or spell properly.

"Look! They named their team after me!"

So, to sum up:

There's "Living in their head rent free."

Then there's "Having the penthouse in their head."

And then there's "Taking over their world."

I think the Torrance Democratic Club has pretty much given me the keys to the city, state, and country in their heads--rent free!

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  1. Arthur I can't really read the small print. Can you e-mail it to me? Dankeschoen mein Freund.