Friday, June 24, 2022

Schaper Derangement Syndrome: President of Torrance Democratic Club Has Shirts With My Name

This is quite a compliment, actually.

Again, I don't know whether to laugh, or laugh out loud and keep laughing at this point.

Beneath Jen "Karen" Graham's Facebook post targeting me in the "Torrance Community Group," Jimmy Gow, the failed city council candidate, the failed former member of the Torrance Social Services Commission, and the current (really ongoing, because no one else wants the job) president of the failed Torrance Democratic Club, had some things to share about me, too!

There's living in people's heads rent free, and there there's having the penthouse! With Jimmy Gow, I think I have the penthouse view of Fifth Avenue.

Check out what he had to share:

Here's a closer view:

And here's one more:

Frankly, I would love to have this shirt. It's a badge of honor for me.

And don't think that this is some isolated novelty. Other people have this shirt, too!

Wow! This is "Schaper Derangement Syndrome" on a whole other level! WOW! I am starting to wonder if this is a cry for help or something. These people really do need counseling, therapy, something! Why would anyone want my name on a T-shirt, and then they would wear it?

Now, Jimmy Gow claims that because I blog about him by name, he has "made it in local Democratic politics".

Does he define "making it" as losing one city council race after another? He was the bottom vote-getter in the 2018 Torrance City Council elections, and he barely eked out of last place in his latest bid for Torrance City Council in the 2022 Torrance City Council elections for District One. (Once again, he did not win.)

Does he define "making it in local Democratic politics" by having every major endorsement from local and county Democratic officials, only to lose one election after another? It's hard to believe but it's true: Gow had endorsements from both Congressmen (Ted Lieu and Maxine Waters); our state assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, who even walked precincts for him!; and LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn.

And Gow still lost! 

Does "making it" include having members of the Torrance Democratic Club shutting out people who want to speak their Congressman, to petition him for a redress of grievances? That happened in 2013. Click here for information about that.

Does "making it" including trespassing on a veterans hall, and associating with progressive minions who spit at veterans, push people to the ground, and steal their property? For more information, click here.

Does "making it" include getting thrown off a commission? Check here for the whole story.

If that is "making it in Democratic politics," then please count me out. I would rather the clubs I joined have their charters revoked or something ... In fact, that's exactly what happened to me! LOL! (See here for more info)

At any rate, Jimmy Gow clearly has a bad case of Schaper Derangement Syndrome, and all I can say is "WINNING!"

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