Thursday, June 30, 2016

California MassResistance Storms Lara's Office to Protest SB 1146

June 29th, 2016.

California MassResistance showed up in greater numbers than during Target boycotts or the Target shareholders' meeting protest.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens, Long Beach) is anti-Christian bigot and an anti-liberty tyrant who walks and stalks in lock-step with the destructive LGBT agenda.

His latest iteration in this terrible perversion?

SB 1146.

Christian colleges are waking up the compelling dangers of this terrible bill.

Already major interests up and down the state are hammering their elected representatives to stop this travesty of a legislative effort.

Randy Thomasson of Save California informed readers and followers throughout the state of California.

I contacted churches in Long Beach. Constituents of the state senator needed to be there, too, to let him know that he could not take his job lightly.

The turnout was beyond my expectations, and certainly shocked the state senator's office.

Concerned citizens from Los Alamitos, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Torrance, Lomita, Long Beach, and Fontana all assembled in front of Lara's office demanding that he pull his terrible bill.

 Check out the numbers of people who came:



All of us lined up and down Atlantic Ave, reminding businesses and passersby about the bigotry that Senator Lara and his staff were pushing in Sacramento.

People honked their cars driving by. Some people who were walking down the sidewalk asked what we were doing. Members of different churches explained that our protest against Lara and his anti-First Amendment Agenda.

Pastors, parents, professionals of all backgrounds came, putting pressure on the arrogant state senator.

Former students and volunteers who work with Biola University, one of the most well-known Christian universities in the country, also protested with us:

And of course, law enforcement came by to check up on  ... us, even though pro-family protests like ours are peaceful and law-abiding:

A sheriff's deputy was parked behind this building, probably trying to protect or cover for Lara's cowardly staff. Our members stood up to the highway patrolman, and we explained our just intentions for being there.

Wes Parker showed up with some interesting signs, too. We have worked together fighting against Lara's other legal perversions, like erosion of citizenship:

Here, we confronted the sheriff deputy behind the building, who was not quite sure what was going on .. or was he?

Tressy Capps from Fontana walked with me to Lara's office and then the above deputy to get some answers on what is going on.

I had scheduled a meeting time with Lara's staff at 4:30pm.

We returned to Lara's office, and the door was still locked. No one showed up.

This was a strange development, since I had visited the building the night before, and the office as well.

Here are some photos of Lara's office from the night before:

He has lots of neat bric-a-brac and memorabilia in his office, plus plenty of room for constituents and protesters to meet with him and his staff to discuss particular concerns:

So, what's the excuse? Why couldn't Ricardo Lara's staff be there to meet with me when I had scheduled to meet with them?

Out of Office? Really?
So, it looked as if Lara's staff were going to stay as far away as possible from all of us. Shameful. Is this how Lara treats his constituents? Is this how he treats California taxpayers, who pay for his illegal activities?

Back outside, California MassResistance gathered together again to rally our frustration. I announced to EVERYONE that I was supposed to have a meeting, and we were going to send a clear message that we were going to go through with the meeting.

We all assembled in the hallway, demanding to meet with State Senator Ricardo Lara's staff.

They were supposed to be there, and the state senate advertises its ours from 9am to 5pm!

All of us left notes for the state senator, expressing our stern opposition to SB 1146 and our displeasure with his rude staff for not showing up when they had already scheduled my visit.

Here I left my comments.

Here are our comments for Lara and staff. I also shared with the rest of our team that we need to contact his donors as well as his colleagues. Notice all the Long Beach residents whom the senator blew off!

Final Reflection:

State Senator Ricardo Lara is arrogant.

He thinks that he is God on earth.

And he is determined to force his pro-homosexual, anti-liberty agenda on every Californian.

He is targeting Christian colleges with this invasive, destructive bill to subjugate more people to the power of the state.

Whether people recognize the concerns about these anti-family policies, or they at least muster their opposition to these anti-liberty bills, then we can coalesce to stop this monstrosity.

Pro-family forces and pro-liberty forces need to work together to stop the tyrant Ricardo Lara!

And we are already scaring him! He just changed more language in his bill to try to make the legislation less offensive.

But California MassResistance will not stop until SB 1146 is dead.

More people are rallying to our side, and the Democratic political machines are starting to feel the pro-life, pro-family heat!


  1. Thank you for your efforts! The crowd was bigger than expected and that is good news! What transpired shows the cowardice of Lara.

  2. These comments will be deleted anyway but one of the pics had a poster that said "Don't hate, don't discriminate, opposed SB1146, yet you discriminate against those in the LGBT community. Not hating, just saying.