Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Connecticut GOP is Fighting Back: Take Back Connecticut

This is amazing and also sobering. For a long time, New England has been a bastion of abject, secular liberalism. They have embraced and elected one Democratic Governor after another. In many of the state legislatures, Democrats have all but taken over.

But in Connecticut, a Republican renaissance is on its way.

The state senate is literally sitting at 50-50 right now. One more state senator, and Republicans will have control of that chamber. Four more Republicans in the lower house, and the GOP will take back that part, too.

Then there's the governor's race. The incumbent Democratic Governor, Dannel Malloy, is one of the most unpopular state chief executives in the country. He is rude, crude, with a bad attitude, and under his watch the state is going bankrupt, including the state capital of Hartford. Malloy has been an abject disgrace, attacking Second Amendment rights while taxing everything that moves.

Democratic candidates running to replace Malloy are running from his corrupt brand. One Dem candidate just dropped out of the race.

In contrast, Republican candidates are running on protecting Second Amendment rights, shoring up the pension debt to save the state, and taking on the public sector unions bleeding the state into bankruptcy.

I have so much hope for Connecticut, and I can only say that I wish California had the same kind of verve and momentum.

Please join me in the urgent fight to TAKE BACK CONNECTICUT by signing up today!

Dear Arthur Christopher,

There's no time to mince words. I'm asking for your help!

As Chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party, I have set an ambitious agenda of grassroots re-engagement, enhanced digital micro-targeting, and going on offense against the Democrats like never before.

Governor Malloy and his liberal allies are leading us down a dangerous path. We have had enough of outrageous tax hikes, unsustainable debt and recklessness saddled upon taxpayers and our future generations. For the sake of the state and country, Democrats MUST be defeated at the ballot box.

That's why I need you -- not just today, but on an ongoing basis.

The only way we can take the fight to the Democrats is with a sustained "Victory 365" campaign. That requires a grassroots army of dedicated Republicans, committed to a small and ongoing contribution to our Party.

That's why I'm asking you to commit to our cause with your sustaining membership of just $5 per month to the Connecticut Republican Party.

Your sustaining monthly contribution of $5 or more could make the difference in key races across Connecticut. For your dedication, I'll send you our TAKE BACK CONNECTICUT bumper sticker as our thanks.

Please complete your sustaining membership today to show you're committed to our goals.

With new tools and better visibility, we're going to elect more Republicans and put Connecticut back on a path to sanity.

Don't delay. Together, let's go TAKE BACK CONNECTICUT!


J.R. Romano
State Party Chairman
Connecticut Republican Party

P.S. Our Take Back Connecticut program has attracted hundreds of grassroots supporters, and we are just getting started! Can I count on you to join today?  Thank you! - J.R.

Final Reflection

What has made Connecticut a GOP battleground state once again?

The state is smaller, which makes it easier to network and send information. It's cheaper to communicate through the internet and email services. Sure.

But the fact that the state is in such dire straits under 8 years of regressive leftist rule has awakened voters across the state. Republicans have maintained a fairly strong brand in the state in the past. The Bush family is originally from Connecticut, although they are not the stirring star example of what Republicans should be.

Still, even in a blue wasteland like New England, Republicans are not giving up the fight.

They are fighting back, and more blue-state Republicans need to follow their example.

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