Friday, February 23, 2018

Desperate, Deceptive John Cox, "Progressive" Republican Caught Lying About Travis Allen

John Cox is desperate.

He is money, and not much else.

Nobody wants him, nobody likes him. He is dividing the vote terribly.

He has no interest in winning on ideas. The guy ran away from Donald Trump during the 2016 Election, probably more worried about looking bad in his bid for governor in 2018. That's just terrible. Men and women should compete for office based on ideas, and they should follow through on their principles as much as possible.

Forget whatever the consultants tell you!

Now we finally have all the proof and information we need to combat the last layer of lies from John Cox about Travis Allen.

Travis is the best and the only candidate worthy of Governor.

What do you mean
you don't like me?!

Here is the full report detailing the Cox fraud against Travis Allen:

After spending millions of dollars only to see his poll numbers drop, John Cox is getting desperate.

Who would have thought? Here is another irony. John Cox pushed his neighborhood council initiative precisely to get money out of politics, or to make it less of a factor.

Yet here he is, spending more money that even the Democratic candidates for governor have spent. It's too bad that so many of these big money donors still just don't get it. It's not enough to spend big money. It is essential for voters to see your product as worthy of purchase, or strictly speaking--your vote.

Cox doesn't deserve our vote.

Today he sent out his most deceptive email yet.

Deceptive, indeed, desperate and deceptive describes John Cox very well.

First, he attacked our campaign for an email that was sent out by our volunteers which had a grammatical error in it. As a result, it incorrectly touted support from some groups that have supported Travis in the past, but are not yet supporting him for governor. However, the email clearly states that it was sent out by volunteers to volunteers.

From volunteers for volunteers, and you know what? Volunteers make mistakes, and they are permitted to do so.

We understand failing campaigns grasping at straws to attack their opponents, but going after volunteers is a new low in politics. 

It's sad!

Our campaign has signed up nearly 40,000 volunteers that are working hard to elect the only conservative candidate and Take Back California. We are proud of them and are thankful for the many hours of hard work they are putting in to Reclaim Our State.

Reclaim California. Make California Great Again! Take back our state from the corrupt politicians and corporate interests who are determined to line their pockets at our expense,

If attacking our volunteers wasn’t low enough, he decided to use a deceptively edited video to continue to spread misinformation about Travis’ record and attacked Travis for voting for a tax cut.

Travis is pro life and has consistently affirmed that all life has value. In 2017, Planned Parenthood gave Travis 0% on their scorecard.


In 2016, Travis did not get a 0% on their scorecard because he voted to support two bills that did not have anything to do with the life issue but, among many groups, also happened to be supported by Planned Parenthood.

Well, well, well! What lies have been propagated by the John Cox campaign and their handlers.

John Cox knowingly took video of Travis speaking about his 2017 scorecard and edited it to make it seem like Travis was being dishonest about his 2016 score.

Not only was this deceptive, but an attack on Travis for voting on a tax cut.

WOW! Now I am both confused and outraged! I thought that all Republicans favored tax cuts.

As we all know, there isn’t a tax cut that Travis Allen does not like.

In 2016, a bill that removed the sales tax on tampons came up in the Legislature, which was supported by a large number of groups, many Republicans, and even Planned Parenthood. Was this bill gimmicky? For certain.

However, it was still a tax cut and Travis has vowed to lower taxes at any chance he gets. He certainly wasn’t going to vote to oppose a tax cut despite of how small and limited it may have been.

Republicans should support tax cuts and we should work together to elect the only conservative candidate running for governor: Travis Allen.

Final Reflection

I must say that I am losing a great degree of respect for certain activists up and down the state of California. They are still too many consultants and consultant-minded campaign managers who are more interested in making money than making a difference.

We need to hold these corrupt Swamp Creatures accountable, Republican as well as Democrat. John Cox is part of the mess, very likely choosing to vote for Goofy Gary Johnson, a self-serving, pot-smoking statist who is more interested in open borders than in a secure country. We need real people running for office and representing us in Sacramento.

John Cox is a total phony, a three-time loser who can't get his act together or tell a story straight.

Oh ... and did you know that he's a "progressive" Republican, too?

Vote for Travis Allen for State Assembly!

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