Saturday, February 17, 2018

No Weapon Formed: Facebook Losing Followers and Users

For five years, I was an avid, growing Facebook user. First, I was using the platform to leave comments on newspaper articles printed on websites. Then I began sharing articles, making friends here and there.

I connected with conservatives all over the country, and even networked more closely with candidates and locally elected officials.

When Facebook Live opened up on the platform, I have free range to record and report on anyone, anything, anytime--and it was live. What a great resource.

But of course, the Facebook Big Brother censors came out in full force, and slowly but surely my posts would get reported, taken down, and then I would get banned for thirty days at a time. Eventually, I had to open up another account so that I could resort to a back-up.

This was beyond crazy.

Then there were other problems, too, of course, like the fact that social media is such a time-suck. I was getting spam greetings, messages, and all the rest from people, that I could not keep it in check. In the long run, I'm glad that my accounts were disabled. My life has never been better now that I'm off fascist Facebook.

And apparently, more people are joining me in the Facebook Exodus.

From CNBC, Facebook is losing younger users to Snapchat:

Younger people are abandoning Facebook and flocking to Snapchat at an increasing rate, according to a study released Monday.

The research, by New York-based firm eMarketer, said that, in 2018, less than half of Americans aged between 12 and 17 will use Facebook at least once a month.

EMarketer said it expects Facebook to lose 2 million users under the age of 25 this year and that Snapchat will pick up 1.9 million users within that age bracket.

Snapchat recently updated its app with a redesign aimed at making the service easier to use. The overhaul kept the social element of the app separate from media, with one page devoted to interacting with friends' Snapchat stories and messages, while another runs a feed of video content from media outlets.

Facebook's monthly user growth is coming from older rather than younger users, the study said.

One of the reasons for this trend is that children don't want to use platforms, methods, and trends which their parents like using. Kids want to stand out on their on and fit in with their peers, not stick with their parents.

The Guardian has also reported that Facebook is losing 3 million users because of the parents, too.

Because of further changes to the Facebook news feeds and cycles, users are using the platform 50 million FEWER hours per day.

No one should be surprised. Facebook has turned into a fascist, Big Brother, wannabe 1984 overlord taking away the rights of individual participants to share ideas and attack people for corrupt behaviors and political views. "Community standards" have been twisted to mean anything which uber-liberal Zuckerberg finds offensive.

He is aan open-borders zealot determined to silence conservatives and all realistic discussions about Islam, illegal immigration, abortion, climate change, and other topics.

I got banned, silenced, shut down enough times, and then outright banned. I am fed up with the unjust "private" censorship of these social media robber barons. I walked away from Facebook, despite the relentless pressure of fellow conservative activists who wanted me to stay on board in any way that I can to run chat rooms and inform members about upcoming events.

The fact is that there is not enough time in the day to follow up on every conservation, conflict, and concern. It's wrong for law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans to keep giving credence and relevance to a platform which has no interest in communication, but wants to push indoctrination.

All of this is wrong. It's time to stop using Facebook.

At first, I was frustrated and a little depressed. So many people  I know were still using the platform to communicate. The Facebook Live feature is great, too. Why wouldn't anyone want to record people live doing good things or bad?

Facebook, of course. This site, in my opinion, has never been interested in getting people to connect and communicate at all. It's a private, corporate, globalist liberal's demand to know what we are thinking and doing, and to take over our lives little by little. How much quality time are we missing with our friends and loved ones because we are constantly poring, reading, commenting, and sharing our thoughts on Facebook?

It's getting worse. Even Jim Carrey is telling supporters to delete their accounts and dump any stock they have in the social media platform:
Now that I am gone, I have never had so much peace, and I am not alone, as more people around the world, including young people, are walking away from this corrupt tyranny.

I see God's promises fulfilled greatly in my life:

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