Monday, February 19, 2018

Cristina Garcia: More #MeToo Allegations

Wow, it's gone from bad to worse for Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens).

LA Weekly wrote their own
secular hagiography for Garcia
Just two months ago, she was featured on the cover of LA Weekly, presenting herself as an icon of grassroots progressivism standing up to the Democratic misogynist establishment of Sacramento.

Now she's been exposed as another sexual paramour in the state capital, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. She made herself the face of the fight against #MeToo sexual harrassment and exploitation in the state legislature.

She was actually engaging it herself, it seems, too!

The hypocrisy is just stifling.
Garcia's own party sat on Melendez' whistle-blower
legislation--and Garcia harassed people herself!

The latest sex-harassment scandal in the state Legislature took an interesting turn the other day when four of state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia’s former staffers alleged that she “spoke graphically” about having sex with other lawmakers in their offices.

WOW! And the staffers just put up with this? They didn't say or do anything about it?!

According to the ex-staffers, Garcia said having sex with other elected officials “was a good way of getting information,” their lawyer, Daniel Gilleon, wrote in a letter to the Assembly Rules Committee.

Ugh! When does this disgusting behavior end? It's Sodom and Gomorrah up there, and no one seems ot know when this litany of lust and licentiousness will end.

The former staffers declined to name the lawmakers “out of respect for their privacy,” Gilleon said. And the lawyer wouldn’t name the former staffers, saying they might want jobs again in the Legislature and figured going public would hurt their chances.

The former staffers also said Garcia pressured them into drinking in the office and at outside events, belittled her aides and often disparaged other lawmakers.

Garcia, D-Bell Gardens (Los Angeles County), was a leader in the state Capitol’s #MeToo movement until a former staffer and a lobbyist alleged that she had groped them. She is now on a leave of absence.

In a Facebook posting responding to Gilleon’s letter, Garcia wrote, “ I will address each of these issues individually after the investigations into these allegations are closed.”

This is getting creepier by the minute.

It should make for an interesting investigation — one that could make some lawmakers very nervous.


The sexual perversion rolling out Sacramento is roiling the whole political process in the state of California. This lawlessness has been going for decades, most likely, and yet very little has been done about it.

Until now. I credit this turn to President Trump's election and the scurrying efforts of the rat-like Democrats and Republican enablers who have been covering up for all of this disgusting behavior. The political class in both parties have simply gotten too powerful and thus all too comfortable with siuch profligacy.

Will these stormy allegations make for a big switch in the state legislature and California politics? Not sure what to think at this point. The state Republican Party leaders don't seem to want to lead, but would rather embrace the slow, hospice-like decline of GOP registration and influence. One report now indicates that GOP registration is about to sink below Independents and unaffiliated voters in this state. This is nothing short of a disaster for everyone. One party rule has created this climate of sexual misconduct.

A leader ...
but not the way intended ..
Does anyone think that a different set of Democrats in Sacramento will change any of this?

Look now, and one of the biggest champions of ending sexual abuse was herself an abuser! The people of the state of California need to take back their state, and not just through a political party vehicle. Both parties need a serious exorcism!

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