Friday, March 18, 2022

More Trouble in Torrance Unified: Shawna Leader

Torrance teachers are turning into a troubling bunch, indeed.

More parents are telling me about another bad teacher, this time at J. H. Hull Middle School:

Shawna Leader.

A number of parents and students have shared with me the following about this lady:

  1. She has a GAY Pride flag flying in her classroom--this is abusive, viewpoint discrimination, and promotes a destructive, corrupt set of behaviors in the classroom.
  2. She has been pressing students to choose their own gender, and this corrupt identity process has created cliques and conflicts in the classroom.
  3. She has made numerous racist remarks, such as: "Most white people are bad, but I am not bad," and "Most black people are good." 
  4. She has been promoting gang activity and gang affiliations to students in the classroom. She thinks that that gang membership is acceptable because it's a "cultural thing." 

Why are Torrance teachers getting away with all of this corruption?

Why should Torrance students be forced to put up with this garbage?

This is outrageous conduct coming from Shawna Leader, and I have shared about this abusive conduct from other teachers in the district, as well.

What is it going to take to put an end to this betrayal of trust in Torrance classrooms?

Please contact Hull Middle School Administrators and demand that they remove this teacher right away from the classroom:

Hull Middle School: (310) 533-4516

Principal, Patty Girgis:

Asst. Principal Kimberly Lee:

Teacher: Shawna Leader:

Superintendet: Tim Stowe:

Director, Secondary Schools, Ben Egan:

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