Friday, March 18, 2022

"Conservatism" is Dead: Dave Rubin Celebrates Stealing Children, and PragerU Congratulates Them

 We can and must do better than conservatism, if this is what conservatism amounts to?

Dave Rubin abuses his body with another man. And now these two men are stealing children away from their biological parents so that they can virtue signal what a happy, stable "Gay couple" they are. The truth is that they are a false couple. Two men can never be married, and they cannot be suitable parents as partners. Children need a Mom and a Dad. This surrogacy scam is a deceptive email. This is pre-eminent selfishness at its worst. And to add insult to injury, PragerU celebrated this nonsense! What is there to be congratualtory about? What gives? This is shameful! It is a worthwhile question to start pushing out there: what have these so-called conservative non-profits actually conserved? We need to put a stop to this "Speedbump to Socialism" fecklessness. What is the best way to deal with these fake conservatives, though? Stop giving them money. Stop giving them our time. Stop giving them attention and promotion. Simple as that.

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