Saturday, March 26, 2022

Wyoming Public Radio: The Southern Poverty Law Center Designations are "Inappropriate"

There is just so much winning for MassResistance.

Many people are growing aware of a pernicious hate group in the state of Alabama. I am not writing about the Ku Klux Klan, but a group that has had worse impact on many people of diverse backgrounds.

I am writing about the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I am happy to report that more news sites, even progressive radio stations in public universities, are sharing our view that the SPLC is a hate group with no standing or credibility.

Here's a complete statement from Christina Kuzmych, the General Manager of Wyoming Public Radio, in response to letter from MassResistance demanding a full retraction of the SPLC defamation on one of their recent articles about our organization:

Thank you for writing and for expressing your point on an issue that is understandably important to you.

I conversed with News Director Bob Beck, and also looked over the sequence of events unveiled here.

It’s my understanding that the portion of the story that included reference to the Southern Poverty Law Center was removed after your discussion with Bob.  I support this move.

Unfortunately, we had referenced the SPLC with the “hate” context attached, and the story had public exposure.  It’s our responsibility now to right this and to note that we reconsidered our position and believe that the SPLW designation of Mass Resistance as a hate group is inappropriate.  MassResistance is an anti-LGBTQ group, and this is the correct designation as per the group’s mission.

When even public radio, oftentimes subsidized by the state, and located in progressive political environments like a public university, agrees that the SPLC is an "inappropriate" designation, you know that you are winning the culture war.

No more hate groups! The SPLC is a hate group, along with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the KKK, and the Anti-Defamation League, and people need to step up and push back on their hate in every way possible.

Next time the hate group from Alabama targets you or your community (and remember, they have a long history of defaming Jews, Muslisms, and immigrants, as well as Christians and conservatives generally), just let the public that public radio stations have rejected their hate, and so should everyone else.

Wyoming Public Radio 
recognizes that the SPLC
has no credibility

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