Monday, March 28, 2022

Silver Linings in the Pro-Family Fight

Hey everyone:

For the last couple of months in 2022, as I have worked with other states and their legislatures to stop LGBT perversion of all sorts, I have complained about the seeming lack of movement in the pro-family movement.

  1. State legislatures enhance and expand gun rights, but kill bills to stop the sex mutilation of minors.
  2. States are willing to enact strict limits on abortion, but they also have no problem with pushing so-called "non-discrimination" ordinances.
  3. Governors will sign anti-abortion bills, but then veto bills to keep boys out of girls' sports.
  4. I even wondered "Why?" this is happening. Why do the gun rights activists get what they want, but pro-family activists get the shaft?

To the credit of many, they provided great answers:

  1. The Second Amendment movement has been fighting for their issues for a long time, and they have a lot of grassroots support and money
  2. The pro-life movement has been fighting for decades (Since 1973!), and only recently have they started to reap the rewards of their activism
  3. People are well-informed about the effectiveness of expanded gun rights, and people know that life begins at conception: it's science, BUT they still don't know enough about LGBT perversion.
  4. The LGBT lobby is vicious, vindictive, and tightly organized. They have focused benefits, selective incentives, and they have lots of money (many LGBT partisans are actually quite well-off), and they intimidate otherwise well-mannered people.

So, with all of this outlined, I realize that there are more silver linings to the pro-family, anti-LGBT movement than otherwise:

  1. Only seven years ago, false marriage was forced on the United States. Already, US Senators, Congressman, and state reps are pushing back against this ruling. It took DECADES before any elected officials took a firm stance against baby-killing. Most states did not enact laws challenging Roe v. Wade until recently. The fight against LGBT perversion is actually on a quicker curve!
  2. We must acknowledge that too many people are still woefully ignorant about LGBT issues. They really think that "Love is Love" and "Being gay is just like being left-handed." But just at the pro-life movement went to great lengths to inform people about the science of life in the womb, so too we are advancing the truth that people are not "born that way," and that what two consenting adults do in private has massive public and detrimental consequences.
  3. The pro-life movmeent didn't really come into its own until the 1990s. However, just seven years after false marriage was imposed, the fight against LGBT is already taking off and winning victories.
  4. It took Second Amendment haven Texas THIRTEEN years to get constitutional carry passed. Only three years after bills have been submitted in Texas to end sex mutilation of minors, Gov. Abbott and AG Paxton have taken steps to stop the sex mutilation of minors. Frankly, I think we have a faster track of victory in our future!

We have more silver linings than clouds on our horizon, and even if legislatures are killing our anti-LGBT bills or governors are vetoing them, we are making progress!

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