Thursday, July 1, 2021

CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson: Foreit Your Salary

Dear CAGOP Chairwoman Patterson:

CAGOP Treasurer Greg Gandrud provided me the latest numbers on the current CAGOP finances.

$574,206.97 Fed

$991,520.33 Non Fed

$1,565,727.30 TOTAL

I understand according to other sources that this final tally does not indicate the money that came from the NRCC or from the CAGOP State Senate or State Assembly funds, so in all likelihood, the state party itself has raised a fraction of the total numbers that Mr. Gandrud provided for me.

Madam Chair, these numbers are embarrassing and very frustrating. I do not know how any political party plans on making a difference or a dent in this state with a cash flow that is so low, one can hardly pay attention--or pay one's staffers, consultants, etc.

Asm. Kevin Kiley has released his latest fundraising haul. He has broken fundraising records and has not relied on any third-house money, according to his latest announcement:
I further recall, Chairwoman Patterson, that you are currently drawing a salary of $200,000+. So, one can safely say that you are drawing 13% of the state party's current budget, and you are drawing those funds from the budget.

This is a monstrous misuse of funds, and made all the worse by the fact that there has been no leadership on your part to increase registration around the state or to provide support for local central committees. Your leadership was noticeably absent while grassroots volunteers around the state took initiative to initiate a recall against one of the most, if not the most corrupt governor in the United States. Only after the signatures were tallied and turned in did the CAGOP leadership parachute in with emails to support the recall and ask for money. This is so disappointing.

And of course, add to these injuries the fact that CAGOP leaders such as yourself were trying to force an endorsement vote for failed former San Diego Governor Kevin Faulconer, and I would have to say that my disappointment turns into outright disgust.

Chairwoman Patterson, I am calling on you now to forfeit your salary. You should not be drawing any salary, especially an amount which amounts to 14% of the state party's meager budget at this time. The delegates in the state California GOP deserve better leadership, and the few donors which remain deserve a better return on their money.


Arthur Schaper

Delegate, California Republican Party

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