Monday, July 12, 2021

Questions for California Recall 2021 Gubernatorial Candidates

Will you support a policy only to fly the American, California, and POW flags on government property?

We need to protect the natural family: one man and one woman. What steps will you take to ensure the protection of the family?

Will you repeal all the mask mandates and lockdowns, and put an end to these health restrictions?

What will you do about the voter fraud problems in this state?

Will you sign a bill banning reparative therapy? Do you support the so-called (LGBT+) Equality Act in Washington DC?

Do you support California having a Second Amendment Sanctuary Status?

Will you cooperate with federal law enforcement officers like ICE, Department of Homeland Security, etc. to protect American citizens in California?

Name three California departments you would close immediately to save money.

How will you inform and implement Janus v. AFSCME for all state, county, and local public employees?

The Supreme Court has been issuing unconstitutional rulings:

  • ·         Roe v. Wade (Legalized Abortion)
  • ·         Obergfelle v. Hodges (Redefined Marriage beyond one man and one woman)
  • ·         Bostock v. Clayton County (Redefined Title IX of the Civil Rights act to include protections for so-called sexual orientation and gender identity)

As governor, how will you fight against these unconstitutional rulings?

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