Monday, July 5, 2021

Kevin Kiley for Governor


It’s official. I’m running to replace Gavin Newsom as the Governor of California. Our new website is

I can’t tell you how much your encouragement has meant to me, and I’d be so grateful for your support. You can donate to my campaign for Governor here

Over the next 70 days, I’ll fight in every way I can to get our movement across the finish line. We’re in it to win.

While I don’t usually ask for contributions in the text of my posts, I confess this one is different. The first 24 hours of our campaign are the most important, so I humbly ask for whatever you can give

With a strong initial showing, we can unify support. That will help prevent the field from fracturing and splitting the vote. 

Together, we’ve built a new model of citizen-backed representation. Now we can prove it’s more powerful than Gavin Newsom’s Special Interest corruption.

Renewing the meaning of We the People: that’s what the Recall has been about from the beginning. It’s what our campaign will be about until the end. And it’s what the mission of the Governor’s Office will be every day that I serve.

Thank you so much. California is worth fighting for, and it’s the honor of a lifetime to be in the fight with you.

Support my campaign to replace Newsom 

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