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The Recall Heard Around the World: California 2021


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The Recall Heard Round the World 

Why is the San Diego Union Editorial Board freaking out and warning everyone in

earshot of an editorial, that what they considered impossible and out of the question a week ago, now, is gaining momentum and support very rapidly?

Why have recent polls on the Recall Campaign shown that the support for the recall is practically neck and neck with the support for Newsom and that a growing majority of Californians actually want to see Gavin Newsom out and a new governor in California elected in the 2022 regular election? 

At the World Wide Freedom Rally in San Jose California this past Saturday, July 24th, at which the Recall of Newsom was one of the main rallying points among the 200 plus attendees, activists who described themselves as Independents or Democrats urged unity among ALL OF the people of California, to put party identification aside and join together for a common purpose, namely the Recall of Gavin Newsom. 

The answer my friends is plain and there for all to see. Gavin Newsom has failed and has made it clear he has no intention to change his evil ways.

"California will cease to exist as a state if Newsom continues in office" 

Gavin Newsom, in his complete incompetence, failed California with his handling of the economy as well as the three major life and death issues facing ALL CALIFORNIANS namely:

  • Fires that continue to burn,

  • Drought that continues to get worse, and

  • Total hypocrisy in handling the COVID crisis where he has locked the kids out of the schools and locked many small businesses out of existence.

The California State Constitution echoes the preamble of the US Constitution. 

"Everything must be subordinated to the promotion of the General Welfare of ALL OF the people..."

Not the special interests of the billionaire sponsors and promoters of Newsom, the Gettys, the Pritzkers, the Soros's and the other of the 19 mainly Silicon Valley billionaires tied to the globalist British financial elites who are throwing in the big bucks right now to attempt to save Gavin's butt.  

A sign of how out of touch with reality Newsom's billionaire backers are, is that they have called for phony VP Kamala Harris, who may be one of the only people who is more distrusted and hated than Newsom to come back to California and call in all her hard earned chits to save Gavin's butt. 

So, in conclusion, it is clear that it is up to we the people to carry the principles of the US Declaration and Constitution of the United States forward. And we the people will not allow any Party Bureaucrats be they Gavin's bosom buddies or RINO Republican shysters attempting to divide we the people by playing petty party politics in search of a bag of gold to fatten their bellies on the backs of the people of this state who are pushing to end the madness of Gavin Newsom and the RINOS now. 

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The solutions to all of the above crises are the subject of the exciting weekly roundtables in which ALL of the Recall Candidates are invited to participate and many have already signed on to participate.  

Go to for frequent updates and get on the first of our weekly candidate round tables:

Tuesday at 7PM to be part of the "Recall Heard Round the World." 

Send your questions for the Candidates to 

Register for the July 27th Recall Candidates Virtual Round Table

Series 1 - Meet the Panelist

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Take California Back, Inc

Established in 2018, Take California Back, Incis nonpartisan educational organization

working to unite like minded individuals and groups throughout California into a movement for the everyday Californian.

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