Thursday, July 15, 2021

MassResistance: Contact Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz -- No Ban on Reparative (Conversion) Therapy!

Hey MassResistance Expert Witnesses!


"LGBT Tyranny all the way!"
For Gov. Walz, No Lives Matter

Creepy, Child-Hating Pro-Perversion and Pro-Mental Illness Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is going to ban reparative therapy via executive order.

We need all of you to burn up the phones, go after him on social media, and email him to stop this terrible proposal.

Basic talking points:

  1. Reparative (not "Conversion") Therapy saves lives! 
  2. This is a violation of First Amendment rights.
  3. Any executive order banning a helpful therapy is medical quackery of the worst kind.
  4. We will vote you out if you do this! 

Here are ways to contact Minnesota Gov. Walz:




Office phone number: (651) 201-3400

For more information, contact:

Arthur Schaper, Organization Director



Workcell: (781) 474-3005

Main Office: (781) 890-6001

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