Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Texas MassResistance Call to Action: Demand Special Session with Bills to Stop Trans Cult Assault on Children



It’s not over til it’s over!
The special Legislative Session starts Thursday, July 8th
Governor Abbott has not yet provided what will be on the agenda. He needs to hear from you now and continually for the next few weeks – even if you have already contacted him.
The Texas Legislature failed to protect Texas children from harmful drugs and horrific mutilating surgeries, a Republican Legislative Priority. See other RPT Legislative Priorities below.
·     17 Texas facilities provide transgender treatments and/or surgeries for children such as:
o  puberty blockers, as young as 8-years-old;
o  hormones that have serious side effects, and;
o  mastectomies and testicle removal.
·     SwedenFinland, and the U.K. have recently stopped the practices of treating children with dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries.
·     Studies show that 88-94% of children will outgrow the idea that they are "in the wrong body" if they go through puberty naturally.
·     Young children are being indoctrinated in schools with such things as the “GENDERbread person” that teach them that they can “choose” their gender based on feelings rather than scientific facts.
ACTION: Your Action now can help protect children
ASK GOV. ABBOTT to put the Republican Legislative Priority “Children and Gender Modification on the agenda for the special legislative session.
·      Gov. Abbott: (512)463-1782 or 512-463-2000
·      Submit comments on the governor’s website contact form: https://gov.texas.gov/contact
·      Post on the governor’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TexansForAbbott
·      Gov. Abbott’s Chief of Staff: Luis.saenz@gov.texas.gov – (512) 463-1762 and Policy Director – Steve Munisteri (512) 463-1830
ASK LT. GOVERNOR DAN PATRICK to include the Republican Party Legislative Priority “Children and Gender Modification” in his request to Gov. Abbott for a special session.
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick:
·     Office: (512) 463-0001 – Message Line: (512) 463-5342
·     Website contact form: https://www.ltgov.texas.gov/contact/contact-general/
·     Email: dan.patrick@ltgov.texas.gov
·     Chief of Staff: Darrell Davila (512) 463-0001
 ASK YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and YOUR STATE SENATOR to ask the governor to put the Republican Legislative Priority Children and Gender Modification (“Abolish the following practices for minors: intervention to prevent natural progression of puberty; administration of opposite sex hormones; and performance of any type of gender reassignment surgery”) on the agenda.
Find who represents you here:  https://wrm.capitol.texas.gov/home
If you want to be removed from my alert list, please let me know by replying to this email.
Other Republican Legislative Priorities to ask the governor to put special session the agenda:
1. Election Integrity – Our Republican-controlled State Legislature has failed the last three sessions to pass election integrity measures to protect every legal vote. This is disgraceful and unacceptable! 94.82% of 2018 TX GOP Primary voters and 98.46% of 2020 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
2. Religious Freedom (Saving Biological Women’s Sports)
3. Ban Gender Modification – stopping sex change surgical/chemical butchery of children. 94.65% of 2020 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
4. Abolish Abortion. 68.19% of 2018 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
5. Ban Taxpayer Funded Lobbying. 94.3% of 2020 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
6. Monument Protection, especially the Alamo and the Cenotaph. 97.82% of 2020 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
7. School Choice – educational freedom for all. 78.67% of 2018 TX GOP Primary voters supported.
8. Restore the Texas Legislature’s Constitutional role as a check and balance on the Executive Branch during declared emergencies. The Texas Disaster Act of 1975 needs to be revised to properly limit its scope and conform to its provisions to the Texas Constitution.
COULD THIS BE WHY the Texas Legislature failed to protect children?
“TEXAS: Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Received $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids” - https://nationalfile.com/texas-abbott-patrick-house-speaker-received-250k-from-clinic-that-chemically-castrates-transgender-kids/
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has asked Gov. Abbott for an immediate special session to pass 3 of his “priority” bills all good bills, but SB 1311 was NOT one of them(https://www.kut.org/politics/2021-05-26/lt-gov-dan-patrick-calls-for-special-session-after-three-of-his-priority-bills-fail-in-texas-house)
See: “EXCLUSIVE: Republican ‘Team Effort’ Killed Bill To Stop Child Transgender Surgeries, ‘Texas GOP Needs A Housecleaning’"- https://nationalfile.com/exclusive-republican-team-effort-killed-bill-to-stop-child-transgender-surgeries-texas-gop-needs-a-housecleaning

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