Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tell Torrance City Council: NO SALES TAX INCREASE! (July 27, 2021 City Council Meeting Agenda Item)

Dear Torrance residents:

On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, the Torrance City Council will be discussing a proposed sales tax increase initiative for the city residents to vote on.

The city council knows that it will cost themselves politically to vote for a tax increase, so they are going to put a measure on next year's ballot for everyone to vote.

The truth is, that the city residents should not even have such an insulting measure pushed on them to begin with!

The city of Torrance can cut wasteful spending, privatize some of the services, freeze hiring in the city offices. The city should also do everything in its power to foster a strong, welcoming business climate, too, which will help restore much needed tax revenue.

The last thing that the city council should be proposing, let alone discussing, is a sales tax increase. In fact, the city should discuss lowering the city sales tax. Residents, consumers, businesses need a break!

The agenda item is #9D:

9D.City Manager and Finance – Submit for Voter Consideration a Local ¾ Cent Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax Ballot Measure on the June 7, 2022 Election. Expenditure: None.
Recommendation of the City Manager and Finance Director that City Council:
1)Submit for voter consideration a Torrance Pandemic Recovery and Public Safety Protection Measure proposal to institute a local ¾ cent transactions and use new revenue dedicated exclusively for services and city operational enhancements benefitting Torrance residents and businesses; and
2)Approve Request for Proposal (RFP) for ballot measure consulting services.

Contact the Torrance City Council, and tell them to REJECT ANY SALES TAX INCREASE!

Here are some talking points that you can share:
  • The city residents and businesses are just starting to recover from the pandemic and lockdown overreach. The last thing that we need is a tax increase.
  • The city needs to find other ways to generate revenue, like cutting wasteful spending or privatizing certain city services, like garbage collection.
  • The city must consider a sales tax DECREASE, at least by 1%. Such a measure will increase business and sales in the city, and bring more jobs and property tax revenue.
  • Torrance has had a reputation as a Balanced City. It's time to respect that balance and not try to balance the city's depleted budget with more taxes on residents.
  • A sales tax increase will discourage purchase of high-cost goods in the city, like cars and appliances.
  • Passing the decision onto the taxpayers is just skirting responsibility. The city council needs to reject this ballot proposal in its entirety.
The city council's contact information is provided below:

For City Council Public Comment:


Torrance City Council Contacts

Pat Furey (;

George Chen (;

Aurelio Mattucci (;

Sharon Kalani (

Mike Griffiths (;

Heidi Ashcraft (;

Jack Walser (;


City Clerk Rebecca Poirier (;

City Manager Aram Chaparyan (;

City Attorney Patrick Sullivan (;

Chief of Police Jon Megeff (

Phone:   (310) 618-2801

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