Thursday, July 29, 2021

Hermosa Beach City Council: STOP "No Jab, No Job" Threat Against City Workers! NO VACCINE MANDATES!

Dear Hermosa Beach City Council:

I just found out that you are thinking about forcing every city employee to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

This proposal is an outrageous abuse of power, completely unconstitutional, unconscionable, immoral.

I cannot believe that any of you are even thinking about this!

I am not going to stop raising a fuss about this.

There must be NO VACCINE MANDATES on any employee in the city of Hermosa Beach. NONE!

There must be a clear and convincing statement from the city council, the city manager, whoever is authorized, that this will not happen!

Yes, COVID-19 is a serious illness, but the survival rate is above 99%.

This vaccine mandate syndrome is a far worse, very disturbing malady, and it is spreading throughout Los Angeles County, worse than any other virus. This disease of government overreach and violation of personal privacy and professional dignity is becoming all too commonplace throughout California. The survival rate for personal health and freedom is slim to none in the face of this more serious sickness.

The city of Hermosa Beach must reject catching this tyrannical disease of vaccine mandates.

Consider what one of the largest employee unions in the state has already declared to Governor Gavin Newsom when he declared that he wants vaccine mandates for all workers:

The American Postal Workers Union has also declared NO to any vaccine mandates:

Did you even bother to contact the labor unions in the city about this? Do yhou think they are going to go along with this?! 

No vaccine mandates! NONE!

Contact the Hermosa Beach City Council and tell them to end this wicked overreach against the city employees!

Justin Massey


(424) 262-1390


Michael Detoy

Mayor Pro Tem

(626) 437-7089


Raymond Jackson   

(813) 362-8056

 Stacey Armato

(310) 709-8177

Mary Campbell  

(310) 214-0048 

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