Saturday, February 27, 2016

What is happening in Cudahy? Martha Hernandezz Speaks

 Martha Hernandezz tells it like it is about Cudahy, and the corruption eating up the city.

She expressed her frustration openly yet respectfully.

In city of Cudahy we need our city streets safe, clear of graffiti and less gangs/drugs. The four city council members do not care for our safety, but more of campaign contributions.
I respected Mayor Markovich and now I am really disappointed that he can't control his wife... Krystal Markovich does not care about our community. I saw the video where she disrespects a innocent church senior Nelly Black calling her ignorant just because she disagrees with her point of view.
In the same video Krystal Markovich the Mayor's wife goes stray to attack city councilman Jack Guerrero blaming him for people standing up and demanding respect from the four city council members.

We the People Rising in Cudahy

Yes, Krystal Markovich did start yelling at Jack Guerrero, and unfairly. Here is the video.
Krystal Markovich states " I am not like those people".
Wow! That's very prejudiced!
Really like what people. Like my family which voted for Cristian Markovich we were expecting him to be different. Not with a wife that gets off insulting grandmothers. Nelly Black is a dedicated church woman for many years.

I have a great deal of respect for Nelly Blacker. She is a calm person and she agrees with us, that the city of Cudahy should never have declared itself a "sanctuary city".
A year has passed by after the election and the n
ew city council has no progressed on cleaning the graffiti in our city. Not to mention the roads, gangs nor parks.

The city of Cudahy is not doing its job.

And that statement comes from a resident.

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