Wednesday, February 24, 2016

California GOP: Grow a Spine, Say "Hell No!" to MCO Tax

The California Republicans in Sacramento should not need any support, pushing, or pressure from the statewide electorate.

This is a no brainer:

Now, California Republicans are without excuse on this issue.

The Republicans won enough seats to stop the supermajority Democrats and their tax-and-spendthrift ways.

With their resistance to money hikes of all kinds, California residents were spared $29 billion in savings. Savings!

The Republican brand in California needs revamping. One state legislator acknowledged that if the majority party fails, the  minority party should have a shot. Yet Republicans have routinely been pushed to further minority status in greater part because they keep taking liberal positions on issues, including tax hikes!

This is madness! The state of California does not need two spendthrift political parties.

Now, if the Republicans in Sacramento need a guide, they should look to  ... Washington!

Yes, in Washington DC, the otherwise craven US Senate majority has pledged and decided that they will not entertain let alone appointment any nominees from Barack Obama. They are going to stonewall his picks for the US Supreme Court, since there is no appointee from the current Occupant in the White House who would come anywhere the stature or integrity of the recently deceased Antonin Scalia.

If the US Senators can finally get their act together, then the California GOP delegation has no reason to cave, fold, or give an inch!

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