Wednesday, February 24, 2016

HP's Macias and Sanabria in 2012: Honest Activists?

Let's go back to 2012.

Huntington Park residents were pursuing a recall against the corrupt city council at the time.

Two people who were integral to that effort?

Karina Macias and Marilyn Sanabria.

Here are two videos of their public comments in 2012:

Marilyn Sanabria did an incredible job of whipping up the audience.

The room was packed with angry residents, furious with the city council for misusing the city funds, and giving out no-bid contracts.

Corruption and kick-backs had become the norm in the city.

John Noguez  was featured in Sanabria's comments, too.

His corruption still stains the city of Huntington Park, and residents have told me that he still lingers in and around the city.

Karina Macias took a strong tone with the city council at the time, too.

She called out the corruption numerous times.

She slammed the city council for spending money that they did not have.

She played the race card, identified with the Latinos and Hispanics in Huntington Park.

She pledged "As God is my witness", that she would work with any and every group to get answers.

She finally claimed that even though the city council had lost its vision, the people were not perishing.

Power, engaging rhetoric.

What scared me particularly?

Macias and Sanabria were saying the same things that We the People Rising and other residents have been saying for the past six months.

She was attacking the city council - but trying not to do or so anything personal to them.


There must be something in those city council seats. Witchcraft!

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