Friday, February 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton: Nothing But Regrets

Hillary Clinton and her caucus supporters need a Nevada win.
Who knows if Bernie Sanders can get a sweeping victory in the Silver State.

The latest campaign eblast from the Clinton camp:

Friend --

After months of hard work on the ground in Nevada, it all comes down to tomorrow: Caucus Day. I want to make sure we all go to bed Saturday night without regrets, knowing we did everything we could to affect the outcome.

Hillary Clinton would be losing by four delegates if the Democratic Party recognized merit and contest based on the effort of their candidates in the primary process.

Instead, Hillary Clinton stepped into Election 2016 with a massive number of superdelegates, skewing her lead.
Hillary Clinton (US Dept of State)

After tomorrow, we move forward -- first to South Carolina and then to Super Tuesday when we have 800 delegates on the line. This is going to be a long, competitive primary, so we need to build the organization that can go the distance.

Sure there are 800 delegates, on top of the hundreds which she has already lined up for herself, like a cocaine addict bent on satisfying her own ambitious habit at the expense of everyone else, near or far.
The nomination isn't a sure thing by any stretch, and Hillary needs this team to step up more than ever. No regrets. Give it all you have -- chip in $1 before the Nevada caucus and support the Super Tuesday Fund:

Granted, the nomination is in jeopardy if Sanders convinces the Superdelegates to jump ship, just as Barack Obama did through his smooth campaigning throughout 2008.
For the Democratic Party, and the country as a whole, there is nothing but regrets awaiting us if she has any kind of success going forward.

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