Saturday, February 6, 2016

Madam Hillary Worried About ... Nevada?!

Friend --

We always knew this race would be close -- that’s even clearer after watching Hillary's win in Iowa.

That is such a lie. Hillary was waiting for a coronation.

Now she is getting a mud-wrestling match, and she gets dirtier by the minute.

That's why it's more important than ever to go to Nevada and help lock up a win. Every conversation we have with our Nevadan neighbors could make a big difference on Caucus Day -- Hillary needs you, so grab some friends and sign up to volunteer!

Weekend at Bernie's will work the caucus floor much stronger than Iowa. He will win.

Hillary is the fighter we need in the White House -- tackling higher education costs, making health care accessible, and creating a pathway to citizenship for our friends and families.

Her victory in Iowa showed just how tough a fighter she is -- and team Iowa stepped up for her when it mattered most. We have to do the same here out west and head into Nevada. We need to get to work in order to bring home a win on February 20th.

Her "victory" was not much of a divisive win.

Get excited, because we're going to go make history together and show them what we've got out west! Add your name to learn more about volunteering before the caucus in just a few weeks:

Hillary is making history -- as the first convicted felon seeking the Presidency!

Let's go!

Thank you,


Emmy Ruiz
Nevada State Director

Hillary for America

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