Friday, February 26, 2016

Growing Rift Among Los Corruptitos de Huntington Park?

Huntington Park, CA City Councilmember Jhonny Pineda is still trying to bolster his image as a servant of the Huntington Park community, even though his actions are self-serving and destructive to the community.

He appointed two of his campaign volunteers, illegal aliens, to city commissions.

He has voted to expand pot dispensaries into the city.

The funding for the basic services is going down, and yet the city council wants to waste time and resources discussing arbitrary left-wing projects which will not enhance or improve the city life for residents.

To this day, they are with-holding $175,000 which they owe to Nick the Greek.

Yet for all their collective complicity, it looks as if rifts are growing among the city council members.

Consider this picture:

Notice that Mayor Karina Macias is no longer in the picture.

At the next Huntington Park city council meeting, the members will be reorganizing the leadership of the city council.

Who will be the next mayor? Will any of the members finally give up and resign? Recall efforts are still underway in the city, and more residents are fed up with the waste, fraud, corruption, and mismanagement which the "young and new" city council was supposed to remove.

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